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Thanks for creating a poster for the conference. Check out the registration policy at the bottom of the page and download the poster handbook for more information.

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Poster Presenter Handbook (pdf)

Conference Speaker Policies

December 19, 2013 Deadline: (optional) Organizers complete invited speaker list. Submit requests for guest registration.
January 9, 2014 Deadline: Speakers confirm their participation.
March 2, 2014 Speaker conference registration deadline.
March 27, 2014 Hotel reservation deadline. Complete biographical data form.
April 26-30, 2014 APA National Planning Conference in Atlanta.

Conference Speaker Policies

Every session, workshop, or poster MUST include at least one APA member who is a paid conference registrant.

All moderators and speakers must be registered for the conference using one of the three options listed below.

Speakers are allowed to speak in a maximum of two sessions. A session is defined as a general session, a division session, a local host committee session, a poster session, a fast and funny session or a deep dive.

  • A speaker may also participate in one additional learning theater presentation, training workshop, or facilitated discussion.
  • GIS workshop and mobile workshop speakers may speak in an unlimited number of mobile workshops or GIS workshops, but only two sessions.
  • Any deviation from this policy is at the sole discretion of the Director of Education.

All speakers MUST pre-load their PowerPoint files using the pre-conference portal, or the speaker preview room. You are not allowed to load your presentation directly on the computer in the session room.

Registration Options

Conference Registration Deadline: February 27, 2014

Option A: Full Conference, Paid Registrant Speaker

Speakers must register by February 27, 2014. The speaker registration fee for the full conference is $695. Online registration is available at starting in December. Paper registrations are accepted with an additional $50 paper processing fee. 

Full registration includes: all conference sessions, an awards luncheon invitation, a complimentary drink at the Exhibitor Meet and Greet Reception, a boxed lunch during the Planning Expo lunch, access to conference Power Point presentations, and discounted training workshop registration fees.

Tickets to events such as mobile workshops, training workshops, orientation tours, GIS workshops, or other special events are available for an additional fee.

The final registration deadline is March 27, 2014, however; speakers who do not register by February 25 will be invoiced at the prevailing rate ($745 until March 25 and $795 on-site). All invoices must be paid before any speaker will be allowed to speak in Atlanta. Early registration is strongly recommended.

Speakers who have confirmed their participation but do not attend the conference are expected to pay the invoice. Speakers who send an e-mail to cancelling their conference attendance will have their invoice voided.

Option B: Non-APA member, Non-Paying Guest Registrant Speaker*

* Criteria strictly enforced, no exceptions

Guest registration (badge only) entitles the speaker to attend the one session at which he or she is speaking without a fee. The registration is valid for attending that session only and is not available to APA members.

Guest registration can be completed on the session management page.

One of these two criteria must be met to qualify:

Criterion A: The speaker works principally outside the field of planning and is not an APA member. Examples are a mayor, a city engineer, or a neighborhood resident.

Criterion B: The speaker is an academic who does not teach planning and is not an APA member. Someone who teaches economics, for example, would qualify.

Option C: Discounted Conference Rate (for specific APA members)

APA members who are students, new professionals, life, or retired members may register at the discounted rate offered to them.

Discounted Conference Registration includes: access to all sessions, facilitated discussions, technology showcase, the Planning Expo, conference PowerPoint's and the option to purchase tickets to events such as mobile workshops, training workshops, orientation tours, GIS workshops, or other special events are available for an additional fee. Tickets for the Awards Luncheon, and the Planning Expo Lunch are not included with Discounted Registration, but may be purchased separately. The Exhibitor Meet and Greet Reception is open to all attendees, and includes a cash bar.

Copyright Compliance

All presenters are responsible for abiding by copyright laws.

  1. You need permission to use others' work and you must credit them. This includes photographs; diagrams; excerpted pages from codes or zoning regulations; any image found online; pictures; scanned copies or screen captures of printed materials; and any other image or document that has been created by someone other than you. This also pertains to conference handouts. Do not distribute written materials for which you have not obtained permission.
  2. If you find an image or document that you would like to use, contact the creator or author! Because you are using the material for educational purposes, most people and organizations will not charge you for use of their intellectual property.
  3. If you have been granted permission to use another's work, credit the author or creator using a text box in your presentation or on the handout. Include the author/creator's name and organization and be sure to note that the material is "used with permission."
  4. If you are in doubt about whether your use of an image or document violates copyright law, DO NOT USE IT.
  5. For more information about copyright laws, please visit The "Copyright Basics" circular at provides a useful summary of copyright laws.