2018 National Planning Conference


The Exhibit Hall is the place to discover poster displays of exciting projects undertaken by talented planners at all levels of experience. Posters are on exhibit throughout the conference.

Student posters are entered into a competition; APA will announce the winners in the Exhibit Hall late in the conference.

The submission period has ended

Poster Proposals

We seek proposals for posters on important topics that span APA members' professional interests and that align with NPC18 educational tracks and topics.

APA will accept proposals for NPC18 general and student posters from December 19, 2017, through January 10, 2018.

Who May Submit Poster Proposals

Only members of the American Planning Association may submit proposals for NPC18. Nonmembers are encouraged to join APA ;and enjoy the benefits of membership in our worldwide community of planners. Alternatively, nonmembers can partner with an APA member who will submit the proposal.

Join APA

What to Include in a Poster Proposal

  1. Choose a title and write a description that accurately conveys the content of your poster.

Both will appear in the online program and in APA's NPC app. Both title and description should be able to stand alone and clearly communicate what your poster will cover.

  1. Determine the educational track and topic(s) with NPC's target audiences in mind.

The NPC Committee strives to provide a balanced conference program. Your proposal must identify which educational track and educational topics within the track best fit the content of your poster.

  1. Describe your proposed poster

Include two descriptions of your poster short (no more than 40 words) and long (no more than 100 words). Conference attendees will see the short description, so make it an effective sales pitch. Tell your potential audience why this is a can't-miss poster.

To help reviewers decide whether to approve your poster, use the long description to describe the research and case studies that support the poster presentation.

  1. Identify the presenters

Include a list of all confirmed presenters.

Poster Proposal Review

All proposals will be peer-reviewed to ensure that posters chosen for the NPC18 program reflect innovation and diversity in planning research, practice, education, and professional development. APA will notify everyone who submits a poster proposal of its acceptance or rejection for the NPC18 educational program by February 5, 2018. It is the responsibility of the proposal submitter to notify other individuals named in the proposal (if any) of APA's proposal decision.

Speaker Policies

Review the NPC Speaker Policy carefully before submitting your poster proposal, and be sure to share it with any invited speakers.

  • Each poster must be represented by at least one speaker who is an APA member.
  • All poster presenters must register for the conference by February 22, 2018.
  • APA members must pay the member rate. (NOTE: APA members do not qualify for guest registration.)
  • Nonmembers are welcome as conference presenters. APA's guest registration option allows nonmember presenters to participate in their session only at no charge.
  • As a professional courtesy, presenters are encouraged to speak for no more than two posters.