Special Audiences

Some activities at NPC17 are tailor-made for attendees in a few special categories: emerging professionals, planning commissioners and officials, and experienced professionals who want the in-depth learning offered by our Masters Series.

Emerging Professionals

Are you a student or a new planner? Ready to jump-start your career? Connect with some of the 5,000 people attending NPC17. Share experiences with peers, forge relationships with a mentor, and network with contacts across the country — and the globe — who can open doors and expand your professional horizons.

Student members — APA offers you some unique opportunities. For example: By helping out for a few hours in New York City, you can earn $100 and get a backstage view of NPC17. There's more, including a PSO fundraising competition that could help send students from your school to the conference.

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Planning Commissioners and Officials

NPC17 offers local planning commissioners and officials — at all levels of experience — many opportunities to learn practical skills and best practices that will serve them well at home. Take time to socialize with fellow commissioners, too — you'll learn a lot about what other communities are doing over cups of coffee and and in impromptu hallway conversations.

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Masters Series

The longer you've been a planner, the more challenging it is to find training that comes up to your level. New ideas presented in a way that accounts for what you already now. Sessions that connect the big picture to the essential details. Complex content presented by acknowledged leaders in the profession.

That's what you'll experience in the Masters Series. Activities include Deep Dive sessions and the Planning Management and Planning Leadership Institutes, plus selected selected sessions, advanced training workshops, and facilitated discussions.

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