2018 National Planning Conference

Tech Zone

Back for its fourth year, the Tech Zone is the place to try out cutting-edge tools, see the latest technological advances in planning, and hear about new research in the planning pipeline.

Technology plays an important role throughout the planning process. Communities interact with technology — from software to new modes of transport — every day. By offering conference attendees hands-on interaction, thought-leading presentations, and up-close experiences, APA's Tech Zone delivers on our promise to provide the best and most up-to-date planning education.

We'll see you there!

Tech Zone Highlights

Showcased in the Tech Zone, you'll find:

  • FEMA Mitigation Disaster Innovations
  • The (Tech) Doctor
  • Mobility Hub
  • Bike Share Demo
  • Student Design Competition
  • Data Jam Presentation
  • Tech Zone Exhibitors

Thank You FEMA: Tech Zone Sponsor

FEMA's mission of helping people before, during, and after disasters is well served by their pioneering technological programs. Visit FEMA's team of experts in the Tech Zone to learn more about their programs and how you can bring one to your community.

The (Tech) Doctor Is In

The APA Divisions Council's Smart Cities and Sustainability Initiative will hold "office hours" in the Tech Zone. Tech Doctors will cover a range of issues including civic technologies, scenario planning tools, big-data analysis methods, and autonomous vehicles. Bring your tech-related questions for quick, one-on-one consultations.

The Future Is Autonomous

What's the latest in the fast-evolving world of automated mobility? How might autonomous vehicles fit into your community? Get informed, ask questions, and share your perspective in conversations with experts and peers at the Tech Zone's Mobility Hub. Meet APA's research team and find out what resources are available to you. Experience 4D simulation and discover a variety of mobility apps. Don't miss the chance to take a seat in May Mobility's autonomous shuttle. Donate $20 to the APA Foundation by 5 p.m. Saturday, April 21 to be entered in a drawing to win a VIP ride in an autonomous shuttle.

A Bicycle Built for You

Blue Bikes, New Orleans' bike share program, will demonstrate data capture capabilities through GPS tracking features. Visit Blue Bikes in the Tech Zone to learn how this technology contributes high-quality public transit options and how strategic partnerships maximize opportunities for bikeshare programs. Explore New Orleans on a Blue Bike with an exclusive NPC18 attendee discount.

Students Get in the Action

The Student Design Competition, sponsored by the APA Divisions Council and the Student Representatives Council, promotes innovative ideas in planning by challenging students to apply creative thinking to a site in the conference host city. Come to the Tech Zone to see these future planners present their ideas about the "Sharing Economy" in New Orleans.

We Jammin'

At the APA Data Jam, planners and the civic technology community come together to find big-data answers to planning questions. This daylong event will be hosted off-site at Propeller. Conference attendees are encouraged to visit the space to see the work in action, but if you miss it, catch the recap presented in the Tech Zone.

Tech Zone Exhibitors

May Mobility
APA Divisions Council's Smart Cities and Sustainability Initiative
Blue Bikes
Kim Lundgren Associates
ePropertyPlus by STR
Urban Insight