TischlerBise, Inc.

4701 Sangamore Road
Bethesda, MD 20816


4701 Sangamore Road
Bethesda, MD 20816

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Budget and Finance

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  • Economic Planning and Development
  • Other topics not covered above

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Dwayne Guthrie, AICP, Chris Cullinan, Julie Herlands, Paul Secord, AICP

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TischlerBise, Inc. is a fiscal, economic and planning consulting firm focusing on cost of growth studies for public and private sector clients nationwide. The professional services offered by the firm include: Cost of Growth/Fiscal Impact Analyses - TischlerBise has conducted over 500 cost of growth/fiscal impact analyses over the last 30 years, more than any other firm in the country. Our fiscal analysis assignments focus on the case study-marginal cost and revenue analysis and use one of our successful fiscal systems designed for each jurisdiction. Our assignments could include the fiscal analysis of growth alternatives such as comparing a trends analysis to higher density, higher employment, greater sprawl or other alternatives. In a cutting edge study, we analyzed the cost of economic disinvestment for Little Rock, Arkansas. TA was the fiscal and economic consultant on the Howard County, Maryland General Plan, which won the prestigious American Planning Association Award for Outstanding Comprehensive Plan. In summary, our fiscal analysis experience and credentials are unsurpassed. Impact Fees - TischlerBise has prepared over 600 fees for jurisdictions around the country and in Canada, none of which has ever been challenged. Paul Tischler has authored numerous articles on impact fees including, "20 Points to Know About Impact Fees," printed in the American Planning Association's Planning magazine and "Impact Fees - Understand Them or Be Sorry," featured in the National Association of Homebuilders' Land Development. Economic Development Strategies - TischlerBise provides assistance to public sector clients by providing targeted research, formulating specific economic development strategies, and defining roles aimed at furthering community revitalization. Fiscal Software - The fiscal impact models developed by TischlerBise are the most comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use and understand in the country. They encourage use of the case study-marginal cost approach, rather than the average cost-per capita approach.

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