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Lathrup Village
28021 Southfield Road
Lathrup Village, MI

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Traffic Engineering and Community Planning Through Our Parent Company: Birchler Arroyo Associates, Inc.

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Rodney L. Arroyo, David C. Birchler

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Clearzoning is a new way to transform community zoning ordinances and other municipal codes. It improves the way municipalities communicate with the public. Most communities have sought to update and strengthen their zoning ordinances over time. While many local ordinances are much more comprehensive now than in the past, they look and function much like they did 30 or 40 years ago. Zoning ordinances typically contain over 100 pages of text and a only a handful of graphics. The graphics are simple, mostly black and white. Many of these codes may be available on the internet, but often they are cumbersome to use. Clearzoning is about TRANSFORMATION. It consolidates text and adds graphics, reducing bulk and clarifying regulations. The end result is a user-friendly, clear, digital document that 1) links the text to the zoning map and 2) connects sections of the ordinance to one another. It also is available in a printed version that uses color and graphics to better communicate the code to the reader. Clearzoning has also been shown to provide a health checkup for zoning ordinances. Inconsistent terms, conflicting regulations, and similar challenges have been discovered through the clearzoning process. There is no purchase of software required to read and interact with a clearzoning code. Although it requires a proprietary use of four to five programs to create a clearzoning code, the final product is a pdf file that uses Acrobat Readerâ„¢ software, available free from Adobe. Visit our website: To get a more comprehensive overview, contact us directly to schedule an interactive demonstration. All you need is a telephone and computer with internet connection. Clearzoning: clear and connected

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