Michael Baker International

A Division of Michael Baker Corporation
400 Executive Blvd
Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone:(914) 333-5363
Fax:(914) 333-5370


A Division of Michael Baker Corporation
400 Executive Blvd
Elmsford, NY 10523
(914) 333-5363
(914) 333-5370

Firm Details:

Total Number of Staff:
Number of Professional Planners:
Number of AICP Members:
Date Founded:
Other Professions Within the Firm

GIS Specialists, Air Quality Specialists, Transportation, Transit, and Traffic Specialists, Landscape Architects, Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness Professionals, Telecommunications Specialists, Water Quality Engineers, Airport Designers, Architects, Sanitary Engineers, Environmentalists, Surveyors, Geotechs, and Systems Analysts.

Firm Specialization(s):

  • Economic Planning and Development
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Planning
  • Housing
  • Urban Design
  • Information Technology
  • Other topics not covered above

Firm Principle(s):

To learn more about Michael Baker, contact Stephanie Brooks, Planning and Public Involvement, via E-mail: sbrooks@mbakercorp.com. The Michael Baker Corporation is an employee-owned company publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange. We have 30 offices in the U.S. and four abroad.

Firm Highlights:

The Michael Baker International is a group of dynamic professionals with a broad range of capabilities and experience. We collaborate with our clients in interdisciplinary teams to create innovative, cost-effective solutions. We manage the process for and prepare the substance of comprehensive plans, transportation studies, small area plans, urban design programs, land use and corridor studies, environmental reviews, telecommunications projects, emergency management and disaster preparedness plans, and utility studies. Baker staff has created GIS programs for small towns, cities, states, and, even, countries. Our projects also include designing and constructing buildings, airports, bridges, tunnels, highways, pipelines, and utility projects around the world. We have 30 offices stretched coast-to-coast across the United States and four offices abroad.

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