Camiros, Ltd.

411 South Wells
Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone:(312) 922-9211
Fax:(312) 922-9689


411 South Wells
Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 922-9211
(312) 922-9689

Firm Details:

Total Number of Staff:
Number of Professional Planners:
Number of AICP Members:
Date Founded:
Other Professions Within the Firm

Landscape Architecture

Firm Specialization(s):

  • Participation and Empowerment
  • Spatial Planning
  • Community Development and Redevelopment
  • Economic Planning and Development
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Planning
  • Housing
  • Urban Design
  • Preservation
  • Parks and Recreation Planning
  • Land-Use Management and Code Enforcement
  • Planning Law
  • Planning Management, Budgeting and Finance
  • Planning Methods
  • Other topics not covered above

Firm Principle(s):

Leslie S. Pollock AICP, Jacques A. Gourguechon AICP, William R. James AICP ASLA, Jeanne Kamps-Lindwall, Jack Swenson, LEED AP, AICP, Arista Strungys, AICP, PP

Firm Highlights:

Camiros, Ltd. is an urban planning firm that provides a full range of services in the areas of city planning, zoning, economic development, and landscape architecture. The firm, founded in 1976, provides services to both public and private clients, however, the thrust of our practice is public. The firm has provided planning services to over 250 communities, throughout the country. In many cases we are retained to provide continuing consulting arrangements with communities, some of which have been in force since the inception of the firm. The principals of Camiros, Ltd. have broad experience in a range of urban planning, zoning, urban design, economic development, and landscape architecture projects. Among the firm’s planners are specialists in zoning, urban design, economic analysis, comprehensive planning, public participation, and redevelopment. Camiros has formed interdisciplinary teams for more complex projects. Staff members are well-versed in the business and political aspects of the development process. In addition, the firm maintains a strong working relationship with professionals in transportation, law, economic analysis, and other fields. Various staff members have also served as elected or appointed officials of local governments, as professional instructors, and on major civic boards. Clients include both public and private entities, ranging from the individual property owner or small community to the large-scale developer or local government. However, regardless of the client, the firm’s goal is to provide a high level of professional services to fit each client’s individual needs.

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