S. B. Friedman & Company

221 N. La Salle Street
Suite 820
Chicago, IL 60601-1302


221 N. La Salle Street
Suite 820
Chicago, IL 60601-1302

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  • Economic Planning and Development
  • Housing
  • Planning Methods
  • Other topics not covered above

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Stephen B. Friedman, AICP, CRE

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S. B. Friedman is a specialized real estate and development advisory company based in Chicago. The firm is headed by Stephen B. Friedman, AICP, CRE, who brings more than 30 years of experience to both the private and public sectors. The firm provides objective, independent advice in the field of real estate development. We specialize in the business aspects of development with an emphasis on public-private partnership implementation. Since 1990 it has assisted developers, corporatons, not-for-profits, universities, health care institutions, economic development organizations, transit agencies, lending institutions, and government agencies with development planning, finance and strategy. We have completed multiple assignments for many clients throughout the country and especially in the Midwest. Recognized as being one of the few consulting companies which truly understands both the public and private sides of development issues, our primary responsibility is to serve as advisor. Our areas of expertise include: Public-Private Partnerships – Area Plans and Implementation – Real Estate Market Analysis – Real Estate Financial Feasibility – Tax Increment Financing (TIF) – Fiscal and Economic Impact Studies – Downtown and Transit-Oriented Development – Housing Strategies/Affordable Housing – Developer Recruitment and Management. We bring extensive experience to: detailed market analysis for retail, residential, office and industrial uses; real estate and public financial analysis; area and project planning; public financing guidance; developer and business recruitment; and public-private partnership negotiation. Our knowledge and skill are complemented by a commitment to creative problem solving and continued client assistance throughout the development project.

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