Request for Proposals

Citizen Driven Community Vision Plan

City of Bloomington

Bloomington, IL

Posted: 02/28/2013
Submittal Deadline: 03/29/2013


The City of Bloomington (City) invites consultant proposals to conduct a city-wide visioning process. Consultants will work with the City’s diverse demographics, business leaders, community members, Chamber of Commerce, local school districts, businesses and other community organizations to prepare a complete Citizen Driven Community Vision Plan.

The City of Bloomington completed a City Council Driven 2010>2015>2025 Vision and Strategic Plan and now wishes to develop a Citizen Driven Community Vision Plan to compliment these efforts and help guide future City resources. The City wishes for this visioning process to result in the collaboration amongst many of the organizations within the community, spreading the responsibility for implementation among a variety of organizations and groups. This visioning process would also include a method for updating, maintaining and evaluating the vision and vision action plan.