Request for Proposals

New Americans Study

City of Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

Posted: 03/20/2013
Submittal Deadline: 04/22/2013

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Buffalo is fast becoming a location of choice for immigrants and refugees. The city had a population of 292,000 in 2000; with 12,900 residents listed as foreign-born. By 2010, the total population had fallen to 261,000 (down 11 percent), while the number of foreign-born residents had grown to 21,900 (up 70 percent). Recent arrivals come from increasingly diverse locations including Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, and Somalia.

To ensure that the city is able to meet the needs of its newest residents, Mayor Byron W. Brown has directed the Office of Strategic Planning (OSP) to solicit proposals for developing a plan and policies to ease the transition for immigrants and refugees, and to increase the city’s attractiveness to these groups. OSP will allocate up to $50,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding to conduct this study.

Tentative Schedule
RFP distributed — Monday, March 18
Proposals due — Monday, April 22
Interviews conducted — Tuesday, May 14
Consultant selected — Friday, May 17
Work started — Monday, June 17
Work completed — Monday, September 30

The result of this study will be a written report that provides:
1) An analysis of the city’s existing immigrant and refugee populations; along with projections of future growth or decline based on policy options at the federal and state levels.
2) An outline of the services that immigrants require when arriving in Buffalo, such as housing, employment, education, and transportation; and how these services should be better integrated.
3) An assessment of the services that government and private organizations are currently providing, as well as those that need to be initiated or improved.
4) A plan specifying policies and procedures that the city and private organizations should implement to improve services to immigrants and refugees, along with estimated costs.

Proposal Content
Proposals must not exceed 20 pages, and should include the following information:
1) Qualifications: Describe your prior experience in studying immigrant communities or providing the requested services.
2) Project staff: Indicate who will be assigned to the project and what each person’s role will be (include resumes).
3) Project approach: Explain your approach to providing the requested services.
4) Proposed fee: Provide a lump-sum fee for each deliverable. The fee should include personnel costs and any project-related expenses, such as travel, copying and printing, communications, and postage. Hourly billing rates for all staff assigned to the project should also be provided.
5) References: Provide at least three references from similar projects; information must include current position, phone number, and e-mail address of any contacts.

Please e-mail your proposal as a PDF attachment to by 3 PM on April 22, 2013. You will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your proposal.

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated and ranked by a review committee, and selected respondents will be invited for an interview, either in person or by phone. The committee’s recommendation will then be presented to the Executive Director of OSP for final approval.
1) Qualifications (30 points): Based on the respondent’s ability to perform the required services, and its background and related experience in completing similar projects.
2) Project staff (20 points): Based on the professional experience, qualifications, and educational background of the staff assigned to this project.
3) Project approach (30 points): Based on the overall approach proposed for each project deliverable, including methodologies employed and applicability to this project.
4) Proposed fee (20 points): Based on the cost to be charged for providing the requested services. The breakdown of all proposed costs should be clear, concise, and conform to project needs.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Sepulveda-Beltre at