Request for Proposals

Menomonee Valley Area Plan

City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

Posted: 04/03/2013
Submittal Deadline: 04/23/2013


A plan for the Menomonee Valley (the Valley) in the City of Milwaukee was prepared in 1998, with the purpose of guiding physical development in that area of the city. Over the past fifteen years, the recommendations of the existing plan have been implemented with great success. The Valley has been transformed from an area of disinvestment to a national model in economic development and environmental sustainability. 300 acres of brownfields have been developed, 35 companies have moved to the Valley, and more than 4,700 family-supporting jobs have been created. One million square feet of green buildings and seven miles of trails have been constructed, and 45 acres of native plants installed, leading to improved wildlife habitat and water quality.

Although the Valley has seen much success, there are still opportunities for additional development and catalytic investment particularly east of the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center. The city along with its community partners are now ready to create an Updated Menomonee Valley Comprehensive Plan to build on the momentum created to date. The City of Milwaukee's comprehensive plan includes a Citywide Policy Plan and series of twelve area plans. The Citywide Policy Plan recommends broad policy for the entire city and the area plans tailor specific recommendations to smaller geographic areas within the city. The Menomonee Valley Plan is one of the twelve Area Plans. The purpose of the Menomonee Valley Plan is to evaluate the existing assets and identify opportunities in the area to guide future development and investment. The plan will be prepared with extensive public involvement and will be guided by the City in conjunction with its community partners.

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