Request for Proposals

Heritage Area Master Plan

Town of Centreville

Centreville, MD

Posted: 04/10/2013
Submittal Deadline: 04/29/2013


A. It is the intent and purpose of the specifications to provide for the timely delivery of the Centreville Heritage Area Master Plan (CHAMP), Interpretive Panels, etc. in acceptable form to the Town and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.

B. Panels to meet minimum requirements specified in the National Park Service (NPS) Wayside Exhibit Graphic Panel standards and specifications, see:

C. The specifications are not, nor intended to be restrictive to the product of a particular manufacturer or provider, however, the minimum requirements specified must be met.

D Town of Centreville reserves the right to determine acceptability of any bid according to the contract documents.


A.The specific scope of services is to provide the TOWN:1.) A Heritage Master Plan for the Town to build on its history as a maritime and rail transportation hub for the Mid-Shore, and make it a more viable tourism destination. 2.) Development of a master development plan for the Wharf and Railroad properties. 3.) Creation of a Centreville Heritage Trail. 4.) Design and installation of ten (10) exterior interpretive panels along the Trail, including descriptions of the role of the Wharf and Railroad properties in the Town's commercial and transportation heritage.