Request for Qualifications

Lake Michigan Gateway Implementation Strategy

City of Michigan City

Michigan City, IN

Posted: 05/07/2013
Submittal Deadline: 05/31/2013


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The City of Michigan City, Indiana is seeking statements of qualification from a lead consultant to assemble a qualified team to create an implementation strategy for the redevelopment of vital waterfront, nearby parcels, the corridors in the downtown and lakefront areas, including the US Highway 12 corridor, pursuant to the provisions of previous City studies, except as otherwise directed. Teams which provide a mixture of local and outside experience and perspectives are strongly encouraged. The general geographic boundary of the project is to be from 11th Street north to Lake Michigan and from Michigan Boulevard on the east to the Amtrak Railroad Tracks on the west, in addition to the entrance and exits of our city via US Highway 12 from the east and west, including key thoroughfares intersecting US Highway 12 that provide access to the downtown and Lake Michigan (i.e. Washington Street, Pine Street, Wabash Street). The implementation strategy will propose improvements in infrastructure and provide recommendations for improving the ease and efficiency of pedestrian and vehicular traffic circulation in the project area and for the surrounding area that would improve connectivity of and among Washington Park and the Lakefront, Lighthouse Place Outlets, Blue Chip Casino Resort and Spa, and the Uptown Arts District and Downtown Michigan City.

The land use strategy, in conjunction with implementation of infrastructure and transportation improvements, is intended to stimulate the maximum amount and the highest quality of private investment in the project area over time.

The main objective of this project will be to ACTIVATE our previous North End area plans by performing sufficient due diligence on goals and/or perceived deficiencies and producing design detail that will achieve IMPLEMENTATION.

Elements: Statements should address the following:

• A strategy for land use, reuse and redevelopment within the project area, especially significant parcels owned by the City and the portion of the study area north of US Highway 12 in the vicinity of Trail Creek
• Additional phases of gateway signage and wayfinding systems to enhance the project area
• Recommendations for improved pedestrian connectivity within and to/from Uptown Arts District, near downtown neighborhoods, and Lake Michigan
• Announcement to US Highway 12 travelers of the Downtown and Lakefront via a streetscape and sign design strategy at “Ground Zero”, Michigan City, where downtown meets the Lake
• Pedestrian Oriented Landscaping/Streetscaping, especially along US Highway 12, Sixth Street and Wabash Street
• Vehicular Traffic Flows – Examine the potential for returning several one way streets to two-way traffic, as well as focus on improved and more efficient vehicular access to the lakefront and Washington Park from points south, including major north-south roadways such as Franklin Street
• Leverage vistas of waterfront/dunes/marina/historic architecture
• A focus on bridges as opportunities to be leveraged (these are the “Gateways” to Michigan City and major attractions). Suggestions for design of bridge enhancements such as decorative elements and/or lighting
• Identification of sources of financing/grants beyond for implementation of the strategy elements
• In order for the City to assess the consultant’s understanding of the opportunities and deficiencies that Michigan City faces in terms of land use, the consultant team is required to provide with his/her proposal a conceptual drawing that addresses how Michigan City may achieve better connectivity between our burgeoning Uptown Arts District and Lake Michigan in terms of pedestrian and vehicular circulation
• Analysis recommendation and preliminary design of access to/from Lake Michigan and Washington Park via an alternate route other than the Franklin Street drawbridge

Minimum Submittal Requirements

The following minimum information shall be provided as part of the submittal of the statement of qualifications:

Transmittal Letter

A cover/transmittal letter highlighting the project understanding and general description of the project team shall be submitted bearing the name and contact information (phone, address and email address) for the lead consultant and/or contact person for the proposed project team.

Team Composition

A detailed description and organization chart of all entities and individuals who will be involved in the project including the roles and responsibilities of each shall accompany the submittal.

Team Qualifications

Information regarding the qualifications and relevant project experience of each company/firm/entity and all individuals involved with the project shall be provided as part of the submittal package.

Proposed Project Approach

The team shall lay out the proposed approach the project including steps necessary to accomplish the objectives, and methods by which this will be achieved.

Work Samples

Information regarding representative work completed by the team to indicate an understanding of the various project elements and an ability to complete the work based on past experience shall be submitted as part of the statement.

Project Schedule

A general project schedule and timeline indicating steps and milestones to be achieved as part of the project needs to be included as part of the submittal.

Estimated Professional Fee

The team should provide a general estimate of the total fees required to complete the scope of work based on an understanding of the elements of the project.


The team should provide references to be contacted for feedback and confirmation of information and experience for representative projects based on the project understanding.

Project Evaluation Criteria

Statements will be evaluated based on (but not limited to) the following minimum criteria:

• Timely receipt of submittal by the stated deadline
• Submittal of complete and accurate information as per this RFQ
• Quality and clarity of the written submittal
• Relevant experience and demonstration of knowledge of the elements of the project by the lead consultant and members of the project team
• Clear project understanding
• Crisp, clean representation of the statement of qualifications in the form of graphics, pictures, examples of work, etc.
• Clear representation of the project schedule and timelines
• Creative and technical approach to the information provided in the submittal

Evaluation Process

Upon receipt of the submittals of statements of qualification, the Planning Director will forward all necessary information to members of the project steering committee for review and discussion. The committee will meet to consider all submittals and determine which teams will be asked to provide additional information in the form of an interview. Once interviews have been conducted, the steering committee will present its recommendation to the Redevelopment Commission and Executive Director for approval. A detailed final scope and project fee will be determined and the commission will finally award a contract for completion of work according to the scope.

Consultants are encouraged to reference the Andrews University North End Plan, the Lohan Anderson Trail Creek Plan, the Arthur Andersen Camiros North End Redevelopment Strategy, the 2013 Downtown Action Agenda and the Tracy Cross Market Study in preparing their proposal. They can all be found on our website at under City Departments, Planning & Redevelopment.

Questions regarding project scope are to be directed to Craig Phillips, AICP, Planning Director at Information about current and past redevelopment efforts and plans in Michigan City can also be referenced on our website.

Submittals are to be received by 4:00pm on Friday, May 31, 2013. Teams shall submit ten (10) originals and one digital version of the statement. Statements shall be submitted to the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission, c/o Craig Phillips, AICP, Planning Director, Planning Department, 100 East Michigan Boulevard, Michigan City, Indiana 46360, or hand delivered to the same address.