Request for Qualifications

2015-2023 Housing Element of General Plan

Madera County Planning Department

Madera, CA

Posted: 05/16/2013
Submittal Deadline: 06/03/2013


The Madera County Planning Department is making a Request for Qualifications for the Housing Element, a portion of the General Plan of Madera County. The project is County Wide.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL: By 5:00pm on June 3, 2013


The County desires that the Housing Element should be developed through a consensus building process that is fully responsive to comments and concerns of the public and affected/interested agencies. The County wishes to solicit comments and reviews from the appointed Task Force and other sources to insure that all segments of the public are involved, and to minimize potential challenges to the draft Housing Element submitted to the Housing and Community Development. The Housing Element must be fully certified by HCD prior to the April 30, 2015 deadline, including compliance with California Environmental Quality Act requirements.

The range of work under the proposal shall include the necessary efforts of research, and to prepare and present all materials necessary to affect the submission of an updated Housing Element that is acceptable to the Board of Supervisors and certified by the HCD. This is envisioned as, but is not limited to, the items below.

Please limit your response to 10 pages per copy. All pages are to be numbered and shall include a table of contents. In addition to the original document, one digital version of the proposal and five (5) copies shall be submitted.


Statement of qualifications shall address all of the following items, in the order set forth:

1. Company Name.

2. Develop a thorough scope of work that meets all of the following objectives;

a. Understanding of (CEQA)
b. Review the existing housing element and perform an evaluation of its programs and policies. Incorporate evaluation into a background section for the new element.
c. Consider the range of potential policies and prepare a policy section for the new housing element.
d. Attend public workshops and present draft background and policy sections for public input and discussion.
e. Attend public hearings and study sessions of the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, and present the draft and final housing elements for consideration.
f. Process draft housing element through HCD, prepare responses to HCD comments, and process final housing element through HCD.
g. Preparation of all documents necessary for compliance with CEQA.
h. Preparation and production of administrative drafts of all documents prior to any public review, and production of public review drafts in accordance with the instructions in below.
i. Familiarity of the project area and common environmental challenges to new development.
j. Understanding of the history of nearby projects, and their applicability to the project.
k. Ability to adequately assess the project’s cumulative impacts.

3. Qualifications;

a. Type of Organization, size, location, professional registrations and affiliations, number of years as a company.
b. Names and qualifications of personnel assigned to the Project. Include project manager and all staff expected to take responsible roles.
c. Outline and graphics of recent projects completed that are similar to this project.
d. Client references from recent projects, including name, address and telephone of individuals to contact.

The description of work effort is not intended to serve as the final scope of work of the housing element. All proposals must address the categories outlined above, including preparation of draft and final background and policy sections, attendance and workshops and public hearings, and processing the draft and final element with HCD, concluding with HCD certification of the final document. All firms will be expected to prepare a scope of work which reflects their professional judgment and expertise regarding the steps necessary to complete an adequate housing element. The County will evaluate the proposals based on the completeness of the proposal, and may negotiate a modified scope with the preferred consultant, if necessary.


a. Summary of approach to be taken for the project.

1. Approach must include description of integration of requirements of the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy in relation to SB 375.

b. A definitive work program and time line, including time for completion. Identify and include all tasks not under your control, and provide estimated time frames based upon prior experience.


a. Insurance coverage for proposed services shall include general liability and automobile insurance in an amount to be determined by Madera County Risk Management. Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) coverage of $1,000,000 is also required.


a. All documents must be received by the Planning Department on or before 5:00 PM on June 3, 2013. Postmarks will not be accepted. Late submittals will not be considered. Interviews of top candidates will be conducted as deemed necessary.
b. All correspondences or inquiries should be directed to:

Resource Management Agency
Planning Department
2037 W. Cleveland Avenue
Madera, California 93637
Robert Mansfield Planner
(559) 675-7821 x 3226

c. All costs for preparation of statement of qualifications shall be borne by the proposer.
d. This request does not constitute an offer of employment or to contract for services.
e. The County reserves the right to retain all statements of qualifications.