Request for Proposals

Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan

City of Orlando

Orlando, FL

Posted: 06/03/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/10/2013


Request for Proposal for Planning Consultant Services for Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan – Bid #RFP13-0401

The City of Orlando requests Proposals from interested and qualified Proposers to include a planning consulting team (Consultant) to assist in the development of a Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (Parramore Plan), a plan that will set the direction for creating a 21st Century Parramore neighborhood that is fully integrated and connected into and supportive of SunRail and Downtown Orlando in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner.

The goals of the Parramore Plan are to:
a. Prepare a detailed and illustrated Plan of the community’s vision for Parramore, utilizing an extensive community outreach and public engagement process to gain input from diverse populations such as property owners, residents, the homeless, merchants, neighbors, community stakeholders, technical experts, and government officials. This Plan will be realistic and market-based. While the Plan will provide an ultimate 30 to 40-year vision for the Parramore community, it will also contain a “how to” prescription detailing the incremental steps needed to implement the overall vision.
b. Stage or sequence the transformation of the community as a vital, mixed-use, sustainable community, while preserving, restoring, and enhancing valued community assets and characteristics. This effort will include an analysis of existing conditions and current socio-economic dynamics with a focus on identifying barriers to revitalization (i.e., why Parramore doesn’t work today). This effort should include an analysis of previous planning documents, past grant applications, and neighborhood needs assessments in order to identify the steps or sequence of steps needed to tear down those barriers in the future. Because of the size, scale, and complexity of the Parramore community, the Plan will recommend a menu of different solutions, steps, and/or action items for smaller cohesive areas within the Plan boundary.
c. Address problems of affordable housing, fair housing, high unemployment rate and low graduation rates, crime, multimodal accessibility (including SunRail and BRT services), land use and urban form, and identify opportunities for preservation and celebration of historic structures.
d. Employ transect principles to establish standards for development, redevelopment, and adaptive reuse.
e. Identify future public investment in infrastructure, civic buildings, and public spaces.
f. Align the Parramore Plan with the educational, economic, workforce development, health, sustainability and business strategies of the City and the Region to ensure that station areas that serve this area provide improved access to residents, students, workers, and customers and incentivize further investment in the community.

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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2013


MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013 AT 10:00 AM
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