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Urban Transit Study


Wilmington, DE

Posted: 06/10/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/10/2013


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WILMAPCO seeks to evaluate and implement recommendations identified by the State Smart Transportation Initiative, ina comprehensive study which coordinates the transportation needs of Wilmington and the region to ensure equitable service. The Study provided recommendations on circulation alternatives, identified the need for a new downtown transit center, and discussed new transit programs for consideration to improve transit service in Wilmington. Through a collaborative public process, this study wil identify the optimal transit system, and a possible transit hub, for implementation. This task will include comprehensive public outreach that results in meaningful input on the SSTI transit recommendations.

The focus of this study is the Evaluation, Prioritization and Implementation of Recommendations from the State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) Study. The SSTI report was commissioned by DTC and the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) as a follow-up to WILMAPCO’s Wilmington Downtown Circulation Study, which listed several recommendations to improve transit service within downtown Wilmington. Two key recommendations from the Downtown Circulation Study were to re-examine the function of Rodney Square as a center for bus operations and to address downtown Wilmington bus alignments. The SSTI study was designed to build on those recommendations and develop solutions that would be feasible and implementable. These recommendations were included in a report drafted in December 2012 and submitted to DTC and DelDOT. This report was the subject of a national webinar hosted jointly by DTC, DelDOT and SSTI on April 26, 2013.

The selected consultant will have reviewed the SSTI report and will be familiar with all recommendations, in order to better facilitate this process. The document can be found on WILMAPCO’s website on the Wilmington Initiatives page (under the Plans & Reports menu). Here is web link:

The consultant will work closely with WILMAPCO, the lead agency in managing this project. The project consultant will be tasked with assembling the necessary technical data, facilitating working groups and creating a meaningful and effective public outreach plan. The consultant will also be involved in the selection of the working groups, preparation of presentation materials, and the collection and documentation of information and input throughout the public process. This information will be utilized to inform the selected outcomes and implementation plan.


Task A – Establish Working Groups
In order to guide this effort, working groups will be assembled by the consultant and WILMAPCO, providing representation and participation to oversee the planning, decision-making and implementation of transit facilities and service delivery. For the purpose of this project there will be two working groups: the Technical Working Group (TWG) will be a smaller group made up of representatives of the primary stakeholders (DTC, DelDOT, the City of Wilmington, New Castle County and WILMAPCO); and, The Advisory Committee (AC) will be a larger working group that will include representatives of all stakeholder parties, including but not limited to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), Wilmington Neighborhood Planning Councils, community/civic/neighborhood organizations and business groups.

The TWG will assist the WILMAPCO project manager in the selection of the AC. The consultant will assist with the selection process and will be responsible for sending invitations to the selected members. The TWG will also be responsible for developing plans and proposals, based on review of the SSTI recommendations and of additional collected data. The AC will be responsible for evaluating those plans and proposals comprehensively to ensure that the overall infrastructure and transit service needs for the City and outlying region are met. The TWG will identify the duties, tasks and next steps for the SSTI Plan implementation, which in turn will be reviewed by the AC before they are introduced to the public. Both working groups will have input in refining the public outreach plan. The consultant and WILMAPCO will facilitate and guide the planning process.

The TWG will meet monthly during the course of the study (minimum 6 times), with additional meetings convened as needed. The AC is expected to meet between 4-6 times, as needed. An initial kick-off meeting will be held with each working group to establish the structure of the study and the roles of each group. For each meeting attended, the consultant will be responsible for press releases, public notices and member invitations. The consultant will provide sign-in sheets and is expected to prepare meeting summaries and distribute these to document and clarify any questions, resolutions, or other outcomes from the meetings.

Task B – Develop Public Outreach Plan
The consultant and WILMAPCO will manage and facilitate all public outreach and education efforts, including organizing and facilitating public participation meetings and related events. The selected consultant team must have at least one staff member with substantial experience in facilitating the public process for urban transit systems, including specific experience in developing system-wide and community-based transit service plans. A staff person with experience in conducting public charettes will be necessary; certification by the National Charette Institute (NCI) would be seen as a benefit.

A minimum of three (3) public outreach workshops will be held for this study, and additional public meetings for this project may be held in conjunction with public meetings scheduled by WILMAPCO and our member agencies. The consultant will be expected to attend all public meetings and will be responsible to provide project materials and presentation boards. The consultant will be required to attend any necessary agency briefings, including sessions with the City of Wilmington Mayor’s Office and City Council.

The consultant will develop and manage a comprehensive public outreach plan that is designed to present information to stakeholders and the public, and elicit meaningful and useful input to refine the SSTI recommendations to create an implementation plan. The stakeholders will include City residents, businesses, major institutions, agencies, policy makers, transit agency employees, transit riders, City staff and other interested parties. Special attention will be required to enlist the participation of “under-represented” communities, such as Environmental Justice communities, immigrant populations and non-English speaking residents. The consultant must assist the WILMAPCO project manager in developing a format to present any analytical results and technical findings of the plan in a manner that can be clearly understood by the public. The consultant will use innovative techniques in the stakeholder meetings and public outreach sessions to ensure that there is full interaction between the agency staff and the public. The consultant will be required to facilitate the working group meetings and the public workshops to create a positive atmosphere where feedback can be incorporated into the planning process.

For each meeting attended, the consultant will be responsible for press releases, public notices and member invitations. The consultant will provide sign-in sheets and is expected to prepare meeting summaries and distribute these to document and clarify any questions, resolutions, or other outcomes from the meetings.

Task C – Data Collection and Analysis
The project consultant, in conjunction with WILMAPCO and the Working Groups, will evaluate existing data, identify data gaps, and provide costs for the necessary data collection. On a separate but parallel track, DTC and DelDOT will pursue an Origin-Destination study for downtown Wilmington and the outlying region, in accordance to one of the SSTI Study’s Short Term Improvement Recommendations. This data will be added to the analysis as it becomes available, and will be crucial to the planning process.

The final plan will include technical recommendations for implementation priorities, estimated cost, potential funding partnerships and project phasing.

Task D – Development of Recommendations
Recommendations will be developed based on the results of the analyses and the input from agencies, stakeholders and the public. An implementation plan will be developed with the final recommendations detailed. Project phasing should be included with rough cost estimates for each phase of implementation. This plan will be reviewed by the technical working group and the advisory committee before being presented to the public.

Task E – Report Preparation
Upon completion of the study, a report will be prepared by the consultant to document the findings of the study. This report will include study area maps, tables and other graphics to clearly document the data and outcomes of the analyses. Full documentation of the public outreach plan will be included, with a summary for each public session. A summary of all working group meetings should be added as an appendix; a separate appendix with a list of all comments received will also be included. The recommendations will be presented with supporting graphics to fully illustrate the plan. The report will include an appendix containing all raw data and other pertinent information. A draft report will be developed and submitted to WILMAPCO and the TWG for review and comment, and the results will be presented to the AC for their review. All comments received will then be incorporated into a final report, as appropriate, which will be submitted to WILMAPCO and the AC. The final recommendations will be presented at a final public outreach session. As part of the final report, the consultant will identify a path forward for implementing any proposed improvements identified as a part of this study. The study should be completed within 8 months.

This project will be funded through WILMAPCO’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). While a firm total has not been established, the budget will be primarily spent on the process of developing options and presenting them to the working groups and to the public. As part of the RFP, we ask that an estimate of the costs to perform each of the listed tasks be presented.

Items that will be produced by the consultant will consist of, but not be limited to:

• Draft reports as needed – one high-quality copy and one electronic MS Word document
• PowerPoint and poster boards for presentations at meetings and public workshop
• Materials for a project website
• Attendance at all meetings (locations TBD)
• Meeting summaries for all meetings and workshops, including a written record of all public comments
• Produce an MS Word document of final report - one high-quality copy and one electronic document
• GIS layers/shapefiles of all proposed improvements


The Consultant shall submit seven (7) copies of a Proposal/Statement of Qualifications. Receipt of insufficient copies of the Proposal or not providing the required information in the desired format may result in elimination from the selection process.


WILMAPCO may select a short list of at least two firms who may be invited to make a presentation regarding their team and approach. The initial qualifications-based selection will be made by evaluating the proposal using these criteria:

• Clarity, readability and presentation of material, including writing style – 15%
• Project understanding and approach as displayed in the project proposal and the interview – 35%
• Relevant experience, team leadership and team capabilities – 35%
• References and supporting information – 15%

Only consultants who supply complete information will be considered for evaluation. We will base the final decision on materials submitted, the presentation, and/or contacts with references.


The deadline for proposals is 4:30 p.m., July 10, 2013 at the WILMAPCO offices. Proposals received after this time and date will not be accepted nor considered. We will not accept faxed applications. Proposals will not be opened and/or reviewed before 8:30 a.m. of the morning following the deadline. Tentatively, we will interview finalists during the week of July 22, 2013.

Seven (7) copies must be mailed or hand delivered to:

850 Library Avenue, Suite 100
Newark, DE 19711
ATTN: Mr. Dave Gula, Principal Planner

For additional technical or procedural information:

Contact: Dave Gula
Phone: (302) 737-6205 Ext. 122
Fax: (302) 737-9584