Request for Proposals

Complete Streets Master Plan

Ecology Action

Santa Cruz, CA

Posted: 06/12/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/12/2013


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Santa Cruz City Schools Complete Streets Master Plan

This project will create a Santa Cruz City Schools Complete Streets Master Plan designed to identify barriers to safe sustainable transportation and guide future transportation developments at 10 city schools. Parents, administrators and students will participate in biking and walking audits at each school with City of Santa Cruz Public Works and Ecology Action staff. Community input will be crucial to create a plan for each school with the goal of decreasing congestion and increasing sustainable transportation options with an emphasis on walking and biking but also including carpooling and public transit.

The Master Plan will provide a systematic and comprehensive assessment and analysis of the greatest barriers to increased school-based sustainable transportation. Rather than the City and the school administration responding to the traffic issue of the day, there will be a full community-engaged process for identifying traffic safety issues impacting sustainable transportation.

Jeanne LePage
Senior Program Specialist
Ecology Action
877 Cedar St., Ste. 240
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

1. Present at one Public Meetings Geared Towards School Community
In collaboration with Ecology Action and Santa Cruz City Staff, Consultant will help to convene one public meeting bringing school administrators, parents, students, planners, and interested school community members together to describe the upcoming process and solicit input and volunteers to act as stakeholders for each school and to participate in audits of school sites. Translator will be available for non-English speaking members.

Participants: Ecology Action, City of Santa Cruz Public Works, Consultant

2. Conduct Travel Audits at two of the ten selected Schools
Conduct audit. Survey current routes students use most commonly to get to school. Survey drop-off/pick-up areas. Survey bike parking facilities. Photograph high-need areas or areas of conflict. Most common routes will have been determined by Ecology Action staff with prior survey administration.

Consultant’s main contribution is to provide traffic engineer analysis, insights and observations. This analysis will include issues related to biking, walking, carpooling and bus transit.

Participants: Ecology Action, City of Santa Cruz Public Works, Consultant, Community Members

3. Present Audit Findings to School Community at two of the ten selected schools
Meet with stakeholder group after audit to present audit and data findings (data will be collected by Ecology Action staff) and solicit additional input both on current challenges and potential fixes.

Participants: Ecology Action, City of Santa Cruz Public Works, Consultant, Community Members

4. Develop Suggested Prioritization of Infrastructure Improvements for audited school sites
Develop rating mechanism based on all data sets and audit findings but paying special attention to crash history, safety concerns and current or potential pedestrian and bicyclist use to help prioritize future sustainable transportation infrastructure projects at all school sites.

Participants: City of Santa Cruz Public Works and Consultant

5. Review Plans and Provide Comments
Review draft plan prepared by Ecology Action staff, which will encompass all ten school sites. Plan will consist of survey data, audit findings, potential non-infrastructure and infrastructure solutions. Submit plan suggestions, edits and revisions to Ecology Action staff.

Participants: Consultant


1. Public Meetings – October 2013
2. Travel Audits at Two Schools – 10/2013 – 5/2013
3. Present Audit Findings at Two Schools – 10/2013 – 5/2013
4. Prioritize Infrastructure Improvements – 4/2014 – 1/2015
5. Review Plan – 5/2014 – 1/2015


Project Team. Discuss overall qualifications of the firm and/or project team (key staff and sub-consultants, as applicable), including:

Firm -- Briefly describe the respondent’s firm including the year the firm was established, type of organization (partnership, corporation, etc.), and any variation in size over the last five years. State the firm’s qualifications for performing the consulting services requested in this RFP. Briefly describe the firm’s experience with similar organizations

Briefly describe the firm’s recent experience in any projects related to K-12 school transportation master planning and Safe Routes to School and/or Complete Streets initiatives

Key Personnel--Describe the qualifications and experience of each professional who will participate in the project.
Include a résumé for each key staff member of the project team. Designate a project manager.

References--Provide a list of at least three references. Include references from clients of similar type agencies and projects, as applicable. References must include client name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. For each reference, describe the nature of the work you performed, approximate dates your firm performed the work, and your firm’s professional staff who performed the work.

Budget -- Current budget for above Scope of Services is $20,000. Please itemize deliverables 1- 5 including hours per task.

Due Date: July 12, 2013, 5pm
(postmarks not accepted, hard copy and email submissions accepted)