Request for Proposals

Comprehensive Plan Update

City of Fairfield

Fairfield, IA

Posted: 06/14/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/31/2013


Executive Summary and Background Information

The City of Fairfield, Iowa is seeking professional assistance in preparing a new Comprehensive Plan. Fairfield has a 2010 Census population of 9,464 and is approximately 5.9 sq. miles in size. Fairfield is located in Jefferson County in Southeast Iowa and is a highly diverse collegiate community with an eclectic array of businesses located in and around a vibrant City center.

Innovative planning initiatives – for sustainability and green planning efforts, for comprehensive bicycling and pedestrian friendly infrastructure and policies – have been created over the last 10 years in Fairfield, but the current Comprehensive Plan, written in 1995, has become dated and is in need of updating in order to serve as a useful planning document, with defined, realistic, and achievable community goals. The new plan should provide a better community outline toward achieving the goals and objectives the City now feels are our shared priorities, as well as providing for an efficient and effective local government planning tool, with efficacy and innovation as overarching, guiding principles.

Fairfield is seeking help in the creation of a Comprehensive Plan that will provide the foundation for a higher quality of life, sustainable decision-making, and progressive economic development as the community continues to change and grow over the next ten-year period. The updated Comprehensive Plan shall follow the planning principles and guidelines of Iowa Smart Planning Legislation contained within Iowa Code Chapter 18B Land-Use / Smart Planning. The Comprehensive Plan will also follow the rules and guidelines within Iowa Code Section 414.3, as they relate to comprehensive planning.

Project Scope

In addition to Iowa Smart Planning Principles, the Fairfield Comprehensive Plan (FCP) will provide a summary of the role and purpose of the plan, a history of the community, detailed mapping, and a prioritization of planning measures. Respondent shall submit lump-sum, not to exceed total line-item budget for entire project, covering consultant fees and expenses, plan preparation, community survey, visual aids, maps, items for community meetings and final document / end products. A key consultant responsibility will include preparing and developing detailed mapping and graphics components of the comprehensive plan. Other responsibilities include organization specific meetings and focus groups, assisting in preparing a community survey, data analysis, and setting up methods to involve the public to create a true community Comprehensive Plan.

There will be some overlap between staff duties and consultant duties and it is expected that the selected consultant will work directly with Fairfield Planning staff throughout the plan update process. Fairfield planning staff will coordinate the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and provide support and coordination throughout the planning process. All responses to this RFP shall recommend a division of duties or roles between local planning staff and the consultant. The City of Fairfield shall provide all available existing documentation to the consultant and will schedule, coordinate, and make all necessary arrangements for meetings conducted by the consultant during the course of the project. The consultant is expected to follow the guidelines and goals of Iowa Smart Planning legislation and to adhere to the best planning practices and principles.

The following is a summary list of expected tasks of the consultant to be detailed in the final contract with the selected consultant.

1. Initial meeting with the City staff to review the project schedule, schedule meetings and
begin the process of data acquisition.
2. Hold meetings with key elected officials and citizens. These planning meetings should include the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, citizens, and stakeholders. The purpose of these meetings will be to obtain input and guidance relating to the Comprehensive Plan process, to obtain opinions on the future of the City from a wide cross-section of citizens, and to complete a consensus building process toward the community’s future and the City’s goals for growth and development.
3. Conduct monthly review (meetings / updates - either in person, via telephone, or via email) with City Staff to discuss project status. Make periodic reports to the Comprehensive Plan Committee, Planning and Zoning Board, City Council, and other city committees during key stages of plan update.
4. Plan an extensive public participation process program, including a community survey.
5. Conduct public meetings and topic-specific focus groups as necessary.
6. Develop goals, objectives, and implementation strategies based on public input, and community desires.
7. Analyze the consistency of current City ordinances and policies in relationship to the goals and objectives developed through this Comprehensive Planning process and create a corresponding implementation program.
8. Prepare a Public Draft document and present draft to the Planning and Zoning Board and City Council.
9. Prepare a Final Draft document and make a final presentation at a public hearing and all associated meetings needed to secure adoption of the Plan.

An approximate eighteen-month time frame has been established for completion of the required elements of the RFP. The anticipated end date for completion of the Comprehensive Plan is approximately April 2015.