Request for Proposals

Repurposing Existing Recreation Center Facilities

Town of Silverthorne

Silverthorne, CO

Posted: 06/17/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/12/2013


Architectural Design Services
Racquetball Court(s), Cycling and Free Weight Rooms Repurposing
Silverthorne Recreation Center
Silverthorne, Colorado

Proposals due 5:00pm July 12, 2013

Project Description:
The Town of Silverthorne (“TOS”) is seeking architectural design services for plans and specifications necessary for obtaining permits and soliciting bids from contractors for repurposing the existing Racquetball Courts, Cycling Room and Free Weight Room at the Silverthorne Recreation Center as recommended by the long range strategic plan (conceptual drawings and photos attached). This is a very important design and construction phase in the evolution of our facility as it sets us up for our future expansion. A general description of the work to be completed as part of the repurposing is as follows:

Structural Elements:
1. Remove existing racquetball court walls that protrude up into second level. Infill with new structural flooring that will support weighted equipment and cardio equipment. Include all structural, HVAC, data, electrical and lighting upgrades.
2. Remove existing interior walls in racquetball courts on lower level. Infill floor and install new flooring for new weight room conversion. Include all structural, HVAC, data, audio, electrical and lighting upgrades.
3. Include additional stairwell for access from main floor to upper level. Or, propose appropriate use of existing employee access stairwell, if feasible.
4. Repurpose existing Free Weight Room to Cycling/Multi-purpose room. Replace floor with new wood flooring. Add additional storage for equipment that can be secured. Include all HVAC, data, audio, electrical and lighting upgrades.

Design Elements:
1. Propose new design of current access point(s) to running track and additional access point(s) if needed for repurposed area. Existing stairway to upper level conflicts with running track on top. Goal would be to find a way to eliminate this conflict point.
2. Resurface of indoor track.
3. Include new stretching area in design that can accommodate the usage of both existing stretching areas and incorporate a functional fitness area (functional fitness equipment may include items such as suspension training mounts, agility ladders, plyometric boxes, etc.).
4. Addition of drinking fountains.

Aesthetic Elements:
1. Include how you would incorporate flow of current building design into this conversion. For example, will the existing east gymnasium wall remain intact, or be removed?
2. Include recommendation of sound panels in new multi-purpose space (current free weight area) and any other possible spaces where they might be in need (new weight room).
3. Color of resurfaced track.

1. Include all necessary meetings with Town Staff, including pre-design, progress meetings, presentation of preliminary plans to Town Council in a work session, and presentation of final plans to Town Council in a second work session.
2. Include bid documents preparation and assistance to Staff in the bidding process including analysis of bids and presentation of recommended award to Town Council.
3. Provide pricing for suggested level of assistance during construction.
4. Provide colored renditions of new design suitable for public viewing
5. Provide phasing plans for all construction to help insure public use of existing spaces as much as possible during construction of this remodeling.


Project Schedule:
It is the intent to have the architectural firm prepare plans for this work adequate to obtain all necessary building, mechanical and electrical permits. The plans will also be used to solicit bids from contractors for completion of this work, which is scheduled for May-July 2014 construction. All designs are to be fully ADA compliant, and designed for public use and flow of existing amenities.

Copies of the original architectural plans for the building will be available for viewing during the site visit, or may be viewed in advance by contacting Steven Herrman, Facility Coordinator, at
Copies of the long range strategic plan supporting these changes are available for viewing on the Town of Silverthorne’s website at Physical copies will be available for viewing during the site visit.
Budget for both design and construction of this project is expected to be between $700,000 and $725,000.

The purpose of this RFP is to select a company to design detailed plans for this project that will be used for bidding, construction and are adequate for obtaining a building permit. The selection process will be based on the requirements listed in this RFP. The selection committee (consisting of Town staff) will choose the proposal deemed best for the needs of the Town. Consideration will be given to costs, timing, design, and experience. The top proposal will be recommended to Town Council, who will make the final decision. The Town will then negotiate a final contract with the chosen firm. Town Council award of this project is anticipated at the August 14th, 2013 Town Council meeting.

Insurance and Bonding
The firm chosen for this project will be required to provide adequate insurance and bonding for the work prior to signing a contract with the Town. Colorado Revised Statutes require bonding for any contract over $50,000 in value. Note any added costs in proposal directly related to providing bonds or insurance. A standard contract form the Town utilizes which outlines the insurance requirements is available upon request.

Teams or firms interested in submitting proposals are requested to submit 5 copies of their proposals in a bound 8-1/2” X 11” format to:

Town of Silverthorne
Attn: Steven Herrman, Facility Coordinator
P.O. Box 1309
430 Rainbow Drive
Silverthorne, CO 80498

Proposals shall be received by mail or in person by 5:00 p.m. July 12, 2013.

Proposals may include, as an attachment, larger drawings, if desired. The Town intends to notify the firm chosen by August 16, 2013 so that work may immediately commence.