Request for Proposals

Focus Activity Based Travel Model

Denver Regional Council of Governments

Denver, CO

Posted: 06/27/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/08/2013


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The Denver Regional Council of Governments is issuing a Request for Proposals in order to solicit proposals from individuals, firms, and teams with experience in travel model activity, GIS analysis, Dynus T implementation and enhancement, and activity-based model evaluation.

In 2010, DRCOG completed version 1.0 of its new activity-based travel model, called FOCUS, and used it for official transportation planning activities. This model is one of the early implementations of activity-based modeling in the U.S., and is similar in its theoretical structure to that implemented in Sacramento, CA, and to a lesser extent, to that implemented in San Francisco. Since the inception of the FOCUS project, it has been DRCOG's intention to build, in concert, a next generation land use model and to integrate it with FOCUS. DRCOG has selected UrbanSIM as the platform for its advanced land use model, with the project's first phase scheduled to complete at the end of summer 2013.

DRCOG management has outlined a need to expedite work on FOCUS, along with integrating it with the newly-developed UrbanSim model. The critical nature of this work is driven by DRCOG's development of a major update to its long-range plan, Metro Vision 2040. The project requires assistance in a number of technical specialties, both to supplement DRCOG's current staff resources and to provide the expertise level required for essential work program tasks.