Request for Proposals

Sustainability Coordinator/Design Assistance

Town of Nederland

Nederland, CO

Posted: 07/05/2013
Submittal Deadline: 07/22/2013


The Town of Nederland is seeking a part-time sustainability coordinator to ensure integrated land use and infrastructure planning, moving overall Town operations more toward our community sustainability goals. Our comprehensive land use and master infrastructure plans are the basis for regulatory processes for all land development, building, utilities and streets construction.

Specifically, the sustainability coordinator will provide:
• Sustainable design/planning assistance throughout the master infrastructure plan project, working with the identified contract engineer on that project.
• Review of the comprehensive land use plan and identification of opportunities to advance sustainability goals via land use codes and applications review.
• A consolidated Sustainability Action Plan (already begun as a grassroots project within the Town’s Sustainability Advisory Board), integrating elements of the comprehensive land use and master infrastructure plans.
• Assistance to the master infrastructure plan project for sustainability measurements and ranking per the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure rating system (
• Demonstration that the three plans further the Town’s sustainability goals identified in Vision 2020 ( and the Board of Trustees’ 2012-2014 Board Goals (
Respondents shall have proven sustainable design experience in the areas of LEED-Neighborhood Development, smart growth, low impact design, green development and recycled and renewable material utilization.
Related Documents
• 2003 Comprehensive Plan (currently under update) —
o Latest Draft (June 5, 2013) —
• Master Infrastructure Plan (to kick off in July) — RFP:
• Town resolutions and ordinances related to sustainability —

Scope of Work
• Work with the selected engineering firm on the Master Infrastructure Plan (MIP) project to identify sustainable practices related to storm water, water/wastewater, and streets systems. Offer other related advice as requested by the engineering team.
• Review recommendations offered by the MIP engineering team related to infrastructure improvements, phasing, operations and maintenance. Offer any applicable advice to align these with the Town’s sustainability goals and to encourage improvements and O&M that make the most of the Town’s current and future resources.
• Assist the MIP engineering team in incorporating Town infrastructure systems in the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System.
• Coordinate the completion of the Sustainability Action Plan, already begun as a grassroots effort of the Town’s Sustainability Advisory Board.
• Review the latest draft of the Nederland Comprehensive Plan for opportunities to integrate sustainable practices in land use codes and application review. Provide a report of these opportunities to the Town, as well as integrating them into the Sustainability Action Plan.
• Hold educational workshops with the public (number to be determined as part of contract) related to sustainable infrastructure and land use planning.
• Assist the Town in determining achievement of the Town’s sustainability goals within the Comprehensive Plan, Master Infrastructure Plan, and Sustainability Action Plan.
• Provide a final report, detailing opportunities for more sustainable operations at the Town, integrating direction from the latest adopted versions of the Comprehensive Plan, Master Infrastructure Plan, and Sustainability Action Plan.
• Provide any ideas for funding opportunities to help the Town reach its sustainability goals.

Evaluation Criteria
The Town will review proposal packages and be in contact with the most qualified individuals/firms based on the following criteria:

20% — Project Approach
20% — Project Team
20% — Project Fee Structure & Cost Estimate (Value for Budget)
20% — Past Project Experience & Client References
15% — Project Schedule
5% — Presentation of Proposal

Preliminary Project Schedule
1. Issue RFP — Friday, July 5, 2013
2. Deadline for Questions — Friday, July 12, 2013
3. Answers Issued — Wednesday, July 17, 2013
4. Proposals Due — Monday, July 22, 2013 at 1 p.m.
5. Proposal Presentations — Tuesday, July 30, 2013
6. Final Selection — Tuesday, July 30, 2013
7. Contract Award — Tuesday, August 6, 2013
8. Notice to Proceed — Wednesday, August 7, 2013
9. Completion — By January 31, 2014