Request for Proposals

Development Code

City of Columbia

Columbia, MO

Posted: 07/18/2013
Submittal Deadline: 08/16/2013


The City of Columbia seeks a qualified professional planning consultant to lead a comprehensive amendment of the City's land development codes, principally the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.

The final product of this effort will be a new development code which may be delivered in one of several formats, including comprehensive amendments to the existing zoning and subdivision ordinances or a "unified development code" that combines the zoning and subdivision regulations in a single chapter. The zoning map will be modified to the extent that existing zoning districts are changed. The City does not desire a large-scale remapping or reclassification of existing, developed property and advises caution in the remapping or other revision of approved but not yet constructed planned districts.

The focus of procedural changes to the ordinances should be improvement in the predictability, transparency, and consistency of code administrative procedures. The geographic focus of changes should be on areas of the City: a) That have potential to develop or undergo change in use; b) That are potential redevelopment areas; c) That are districts and neighborhoods experiencing "infill" development or changes in use; and; d) That are areas needing environmental protection. Both the Subdivision Regulations and the Zoning Ordinance will be supplemented with illustrations.

The process of amending the code should be transparent to the public. Consultants are expected to include a public communications and public involvement strategy in their proposals that indicates the media by which the team will communicate the progress of the project, the methods by which the public will participate, and how the team will use the input received in the process. Outreach should include special efforts to involve disadvantaged persons.

The City requests that work on the ordinance be organized into two “tiers”: 1) A general revision and update of the Zoning and Subdivision codes as it applies City-wide, and
2) Detailed attention to the downtown and adjacent neighborhoods where a form-based code or “hybrid” code (e.g., elements of form-based code within a more conventional code framework) approach may be desired.

The City of Columbia is a growing central Missouri city with a census population of 108,500 in 2010. The City is home to the flagship campus of the University of Missouri which is also its largest employer. The City limits enclose an area of 63.5 square miles. There is no extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction in keeping with Missouri land use law. Boone County has similar zoning and subdivision regulations. The City operates as a fourth class charter city (home rule powers) with a budget of $447.4 million and more than 1,300 permanent employees.

This project has been authorized by the Columbia City Council. The budget for the project is approximately $150,000 over an 18-month to 24 month period.

Proposals may be submitted in a sealed envelope at the purchasing office or uploaded electronically on the City’s E-bidding website. No fax or e-mail proposals will be accepted. Sealed proposals must be delivered to the Purchasing Department, 701 E. Broadway, 5th Floor, Columbia, MO 65201 by the closing date and time. Proposals received after the appointed time will be determined non-responsive and will not be opened. Sealed proposals must be submitted in three (3) copies, one of which must be an original and so marked. The proposals must be in sealed envelopes and marked in bold letters “RFP 129/2013/ DEVELOPMENT CODE PROJECT."