Request for Proposals

West Side Corridors Master Plan

City of South Bend

South Bend, IN

Posted: 08/09/2013
Submittal Deadline: 09/13/2013


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The City of South Bend Department of Community Investment, acting on behalf of the South Bend Redevelopment Commission, seeks proposals for a professional consulting firm or team to develop a market-based strategic revitalization plan for two of its west side commercial corridors, Lincolnway West and Western Avenue.

The West Side Corridors Master Plan is intended to serve as a guide to business and property owners, residents, developers, City staff, elected officials, and others in making investment, land use, and design decisions along the Corridors. The Corridors Plan is proposed to include the following elements:
• A summary of current conditions, including market analysis,
• The identification of priority areas (2-5 blocks) for private and public investment,
• A generalized land use and design plan for the entire length of the Corridors,
• For priority areas, a detailed land use and urban design plan,
• Streetscape plan,
• Strategic plan implementation matrix, and
• Design guidelines for building façade and streetscape.

Full request for proposal details, including consultant selection criteria, are available online at