Request for Qualifications

Neighborhood Revitalization Stragegy

City of Florence

Florence, SC

Posted: 08/20/2013
Submittal Deadline: 09/24/2013


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The City of Florence is soliciting responses from qualified firms/teams to assist the City in developing a neighborhood revitalization stragegy. See RFQ for a more in depth description.

Through this formal Request for Qualifications, (RFQ), the City of Florence (the City) is soliciting qualifications of firms to assist the City in developing a revitalization strategy for our neighborhoods surrounding downtown. This strategy must be developed on a holistic premise, concentrating on all aspects of revitalization and ultimately to be agreed upon by the City.
The City of Florence Comprehensive Plan, adopted in February of 2011, was developed based on widespread citizen input crossing all facets of life from normal everyday citizens to corporate citizens involved in business and industry. During this process of developing the comprehensive plan; one issue that rose to the top was our neighborhoods and their relative health and impact on the City as a whole.

Following the adoption of the comprehensive plan the City of Florence contracted with URS Corporation to develop Neighborhood Action Plans ( for our four traditionally disenfranchised neighborhoods, including downtown. This again was a process heavily steeped in citizen input; however, at this point it was focused primarily on input from the residents of each neighborhood and included bus tours by residents of all four neighborhoods to all four neighborhoods. This allowed residents to recognize commonalities of issues. These neighborhood action plans have recommended strategies and implementable items.

We are seeking a revitalization strategy for these neighborhoods, excluding downtown, that expounds upon the issues brought to light by citizens and delve into root issues. It is further expected to build upon the recently written neighborhood action plans and provide an implementable redevelopment guide for our traditionally disenfranchised neighborhoods.