Request for Proposals

Economic Analysis of Revitalization Strategies

City of Hagerstown

Hagerstown, MD

Posted: 09/26/2013
Submittal Deadline: 10/30/2013


The City of Hagerstown (City) is soliciting proposals from highly qualified planning and economic analysis firms (Consultants) to assist with an economic analysis of the downtown revitalization objectives, strategies and tactics identified in Hagerstown’s Sustainable Community Plan (SCP) and further developed in a community engagement exercise facilitated by the consultant, and development of an implementation plan to achieve the plan’s objectives. The SCP incorporates the City’s latest assessment of downtown’s assets and detractions, vision for the future, and strategies for achieving that vision. This economic analysis and community engagement project is intended to provide the data and community support for realistic and achievable tactics that will allow us to focus on implementation in order to generate momentum and to help the City and investors make better plans and decisions to create value, manage risk, and improve our prospects for success. As a result, we anticipate this project including a cost benefit analysis and renderings of up to eight catalyst projects.

The selected firm must have a deep portfolio in market analyses of downtown economies and cost benefit analyses of revitalization strategies and catalyst projects proposed to improve the economic vitality of struggling downtown environments in small cities.

The Consultants will review market conditions affecting Downtown Hagerstown and conduct an economic analysis of the feasibility and impact of the revitalization objectives and strategies for Downtown Hagerstown outlined in Hagerstown’s 2012 Sustainable Community Plan and further developed in the project’s community engagement process. This project will help the City develop realistic and achievable tactics and strategies to accomplish the SCP’s objectives. A key aspect of the report will be a cost benefit analysis and renderings of up to eight catalyst projects intended to implement our plan for downtown. We foresee utilizing the implementation strategies in this report for marketing to potential investors in the private sector and to energize our community about our vision for downtown. The consultant will explore linkage opportunities between the downtown and surrounding areas and recommend specific strategies to improve these relationships. The consultant will lead a community engagement exercise to help further develop tactics and strategies to implement our plan and to garner community support for our vision. This report is intended to provide the data needed to assist the City in gaining wide spread public support for our downtown revitalization vision and in working with our community stakeholders to develop specific on-the-ground projects to implement that vision.

The City has a strong foundation of downtown planning which crystallized in our State-approved Sustainable Community Plan. The central tenet of all of our downtown revitalization planning efforts is the vision to see Downtown Hagerstown regain its role as the commercial, institutional, and cultural heart of our community. These plans recognize that this vision can only be realized if the downtown’s image is improved so that it is widely understood to be a viable place for investment and business and for use by the public and if the downtown contains a variety of unique destinations and admired aspects to draw people downtown for social, cultural, educational, and economic engagement.

The City seeks consultant services to develop an implementation for the Sustainable Community Plan to include both strategies and tactics currently in the plan as well as new ones identified through the project. Consultant services will also include an analysis of the economic feasibility and the impact of implementation. It is an underlying intent for this project to help us build community support and attract investors to implement our vision for downtown.

The City of Hagerstown has a diverse and capable team of staff in the Department of Community and Economic Development and the Department of Parks and Engineering that will be available to provide assistance on this project. In particular, staff are available to assist with data collection and facilitation of stakeholder interviews as needed for the project.

The respondents are given broad latitude to scope the project in a way that effectively achieves the stated objectives. The City’s primary needs for Consultant support in this project include market analysis and economic analysis of the plan’s recommendations for retail, housing, private sector office, and cultural/educational anchor development. Consultant value will be primarily measured in terms of the ability to undertake cost benefit analyses that demonstrate the financial feasibility and economic impact of specific development recommendations for this market. The City also needs the consultant to lead a community engagement exercise to further develop strategies and tactics to implement the SCP and to garner support and input on our vision for downtown.

Estimated Deliverables – the Consultant will prepare an economic analysis of Hagerstown’s Sustainable Community Plan and implementation tactics and strategies further developed as part of the project’s community engagement process. The work will include a cost benefit analysis and renderings of up to eight proposed catalyst projects identified for the Downtown. The work will include recommended linkage systems between the downtown and surrounding areas. The work will include recommended phasing for implementation of projects recommended by the Plan’s revitalization strategies. The final details of project team roles and Consultant deliverables will be negotiated between the City and the Consultant prior to award notification.

Project Timeline – the anticipated timeline for planning process completion is six months from initiation. We expect award of contract on November 26, 2013 and project initiation on December 2nd. We anticipate the following timeline for deliverables:
1. Completion of the community engagement process by February 15, 2014;
2. Identification of the catalyst projects for assessment to occur by March 15th;
3. Delivery of the draft report by May 15th ;
4. Delivery of the final report and public presentation by June 15th.

The project timeline may be subject to adjustment upon agreement of the City.

Inquiries shall be submitted via email to the City’s Accounting Department at and a response will be prepared as an addendum to the RFP. The deadline for submittal of questions is October 9, 2013.

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