Request for Proposals

East-West Regional Trails Master Plan

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake City, UT

Posted: 09/30/2013
Submittal Deadline: 10/15/2013


The Proposer should be cognizant of the County’s position as the regional trail leader, and their vision to be truly environmentally sustainable, as we endeavor to actively strengthen the County’s sustainability efforts through collaboration, education and innovation. The County seeks walkable communities, complete streets, and an overall heightened level of quality of life for its citizens. At the County, we promote recycling, preservation of open space, green building initiatives, active transportation as well as opportunities to strengthen multi-modal use and accessibility throughout the region. We strive to accomplish more through new environmentally friendly initiatives such as anti-idling rules throughout the County government.

Please submit a written copy of your proposal; electronic proposals cannot be accepted at this time.