Request for Proposals

Architectural / Historical Intensive Survey

City of Belvidere

Belvidere, IL

Posted: 10/02/2013
Submittal Deadline: 10/22/2013


The intent of this section is to provide an outline of the services that the City of Belvidere anticipates the selected professional consultant will need to perform the survey and produce a final survey document, including the survey report. The consultant, in the preparation of a proposal should not be limited by the anticipated services identified herein, but should describe any additional services he believes is beneficial in meeting the project objective.

The project is being funded in part by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency’s Certified Local Government Grant Program; all survey information gathered into data collections must be compatible with the requirements of Attachment B—Survey Report.

The City of Belvidere and the Illinois Historic Preservation Office will each need to be provided with one true copy of all final survey documents (including, but not limited to inventory forms, photographs and reports).

Inventory Form: The selected professional consultant will survey, document and evaluate every primary structure, secondary structure and site in the survey area and will record the information on an inventory form. A sample inventory form is included in Attachment C.
The selected inventory form shall be approved by the city and by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

1. An introduction explaining the nature of the survey and its extent including the acreage and the number of buildings surveyed. A short description of the previous surveys undertaken.
2. A complete description of the survey methodology.
3. A detailed description of the historic context of the survey area or theme (minimum ten pages). A general history of the surveyed area, the larger community or county (where applicable) should be part of this context.
4. A general map of the community indicating the area(s) of the community surveyed.
5. A more detailed map that records specific information on the location of individual properties.
6. A tabulation of the results, including the number of properties investigated (including all properties fifty years or older), and the exact number of properties included in the data collection including outbuildings and secondary buildings.
7. The survey report should conclude with a recommendation section that evaluates the potential for individual or historic district National Register designation and local landmarks and any other applications of the survey data.
8. A bibliography of sources consulted.
9. Completed inventory forms.

Monthly progress reports of the project shall be submitted to the City of Belvidere.

Photographic Requirements:
Photographs and/or slides will be taken under optimum lighting conditions and preferably in seasons when the trees have lost their leaves so as to show as much detail as possible. Backlit shots will be unacceptable. Photographs deemed to be unacceptable to the City of Belvidere will be retaken by the consultant at no additional charge. Negatives, original black and white photographs and electronic digital photographs will become the property of the City of Belvidere.

Digital images (1600 X 1200 pixels at 300 pixels per inch or larger) shall be attached or scanned onto the survey form in grayscale or color. Two inventory forms with photographs should be produced—one for the City of Belvidere and one for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Digital images should be saved in 8-bit (or larger) color format—providing maximum detail when printed in black and white. Digital images shall be clearly labeled and provided on a CD-R. One CD will be needed for the City of Belvidere and one will be need for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. If for some reason photographs are printed separately from the inventory forms, the photos must be labeled so they can easily be matched with the inventory forms.

The final document, including the survey report shall be printed on letter size paper and be bound in a three-ring blinder, spirally bound or in a format chosen by the consultant and approved by the City of Belvidere that is fit for reproduction and distribution. The final documents shall also be submitted electronically and/or on a CD.

Although no specific proposal format is required by the City of Belvidere, this section is intended to provide some guidance to the professional consultant on the features the City will look for and expect to be included within the proposal. The city will be receptive to innovative or alternative scopes of services. All submitted proposals shall be formatted as follows.

Part A--Narrative
In general, Part A shall be a description of the professional consultant’s team and their qualifications, an organizational chart, together with a list of current active projects and completed similar projects. Knowledge of local Belvidere architecture and history is highly recommended.

For the purposes of evaluating alternate proposals for firms that respond to the Request for Proposals, the City of Belvidere will review (at a minimum) the following proposal components:

1. The qualifications of the professional firm (see Attachment D for federal requirements for qualifications); firm size; identification of the project team, including resumes of personnel that will be directly involved with the project; past history of work on similar projects (client name, year completed, duration). Where necessary, examples of similar documents may be submitted.
2. A detailed scope of services. Although the City of Belvidere has attempted to identify the work and services required, this should not constitute a constraint in the development of a scope of services that the professional consultant beliefs is necessary to meet the City’s objective.
3. A project schedule indicating an estimated time for completion of the project. This should include a time line describing all phases of the project, including the photographic portion of the survey together with a schedule for the submission of progress reports, draft survey reports and the final survey report. A recommended project schedule is included in below. The project must be completed by August 31, 2014.

week 1 prepare and publish RFP
week 4 Receive and Review proposals
week 5 Schedule consultant interviews
week 6 Select Consultant
week 8 Review project area and facilities with consultant; finalize boundaries; and begin project
week 9-16 photograph buildings and objects in the survey area; complete inventory forms
week 20 Consultant will complete draft survey report; copies to staff and IHPA
week 22 Review of draft report and submittal of comments to consultant
week 24 Submittal of Final project
week 30 Submittal of Completion report and grant close out

Part B--Fee
This part of the proposal will be sealed and separate from Part A. It will include the professional consultant’s detailed cost estimate to furnish the services detailed in the proposal.

The fee proposal shall contain, but not be limited to the following information that constitutes the fee for costs for completing the project:

1. Proposed hourly rate of principal consultant on the project
2. Proposed hourly rate of the field surveyor and/or assistants on the project
3. Proposed number of hours by principal consultant, field surveyors and assistants to complete the project
4. Proposed cost of materials required for the project including but not limited to film, processing and printing costs, three ring binders, archival quality sheet protectors and negative holders (if utilized) paper, CD’s etc.
5. Travel costs for to the city for research/field surveying as well as meeting with the City of Belvidere

Part B will not be used in the evaluation of proposals leading to the selection of the top candidate and will not be opened until evaluations of Part A have been completed. The fee proposal will be used as the basis for negotiations leading to the final “scope of services” and “contract fee.” Should the evaluation process not result in a clear choice of the top professional consultant, the fee proposal may be used to assist the selection committee in determining its final recommendation.

If the City of Belvidere is unsuccessful in reaching a contract agreement with the top rated professional firm, negotiations will cease and the second rated professional firm will be invited to negotiate with the city.

The City of Belvidere reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to solicit additional proposals.

The Belvidere staff and the Belvidere Historic Preservation Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council for the selected consulting firm. The City Council will select a professional consultant to undertake the architectural/historical intensive survey project. Consultants shall also be approved by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency by written statement.

Proposal Submittal
Proposals shall be submitted in triplicate by Tuesday, October 22, 2013 to:

Kathy J. Miller, AICP
Interim Planning Director
Belvidere-Boone County Planning Department
401 Whitney Boulevard
Belvidere, IL 61008
815 547-8644

The Belvidere-Boone County Planning Department’s general method for the procurement of professional services is representative of the competitive proposal process whereby several proposals are reviewed for quality, but the fee is negotiated after the firm has been selected. The following process will be followed in the review and selection of professional architectural or historic preservation consultant on this project.

All proposals will be submitted in two parts—Narrative and Fee—and evaluated by the selection committee.

PART A will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. The level of knowledge and experience of the staff that the professional firm or consultant assigns and commits to the project. This should include the educational background and experience of the assigned team. (Points 0-20)
2. The record of specialized experience of the professional firm and project team as demonstrated by performance on similar projects. Submission of examples of these projects is recommended and will be reviewed during the process of evaluation. (Points: 0-20)
3. The degree to which the professional consultant’s scope of service addresses the project’s objective. (Points: 0-40)
4. The professional consultant’s demonstrated familiarity with the local architecture and history. (Points: 0-20)

With due consideration of the evaluations of the proposals, a tentative selection will be made by ranking the proposals. The sealed PART B of the professions consultants will then be opened for inspection. The City of Belvidere will then schedule negotiations with the top ranked consultant leading to the preparation of the Agreement.

If the estimate in PART B of the proposal is shown by a review or other analyses to be improper, or subsequent negotiations are unsuccessful in bringing the fee proposal to an acceptable range, the City will cease discussions with the top rated consultant and initiate negotiations with the next ranked consultant.

Negotiation, Agreement, Compensation
The successful consultant will be advised of the fee negotiating meeting, if necessary. The negotiation and discussion will cover the consultant’s cost, including direct costs, indirect costs, and any other costs that are considered reasonable by the City of Belvidere. It is strongly recommended that the consultant provide the city with a firm fixed fee for the complete project. The total funding available for the project is Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000). The City of Belvidere and the professional consultant will also agree on the project schedule and any final adjustments in the project requirements at this time.

When all parameters have been agreed upon, the planning department will prepare a City Council Memorandum requesting permission to enter into an agreement for the professional consultant’s services. The planning department will inform the remaining consultants that the award has been made to another firm.

The City of Belvidere will reimburse the professional consultant as necessary to complete the requirements of the project. For payment, the professional consultant will be responsible for submitting reports describing in detail the services rendered together with certified invoices to the department. Reimbursements from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency require a minimum of six weeks for disbursement after the documents have been received. Requests for the final reimbursement (20 percent of the total amount) will not be processed until the Completion Report is approved by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

The chosen consultant shall abide by all federal, state and local laws pertaining to persons with disabilities, prohibition of harassment in the work place, equal employment provisions and ethics restrictions.