Request for Proposals

Highway 3 Corridor Planning Study

City of Billings Planning & Community Services Department

Billings, MT

Posted: 01/08/2014
Submittal Deadline: 02/03/2014


The Billings Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has identified the need to conduct a Access Study along with a Non-Motorized Trail and Parking element to evaluate the challenges of the transportation system along the Highway 3 corridor in Billings and Yellowstone County, specifically between the N. 27th Street intersection and the Apache Trail intersection that accesses the Indian Cliffs Subdivision (approximately 5 miles). The Study will provide an access plan for the above mentioned corridor including bike/pedestrian amenities along the rim-face which would include a parking plan and include a detailed corridor storm water management plan. This study will address current vehicle and non-motorized traffic circulation and access along the corridor and plan for future changes to the corridor from traffic patterns and development activity.

The Study will provide an access management and transportation circulation plan for the above mentioned corridor, including the incorporation of bike/pedestrian facilities, a parking plan, and a storm water management plan throughout the corridor. Drafting of the study will include community and stakeholder input. This Planning Study will require the following Scope of Work and Documentation package to be completed within 10 months of contract signing. The Study will include, but not be limited to the following:

The scope of work for the Contractor shall include the following:

• Identify existing and future vehicle access points through the corridor.
• Identify areas where there are traffic safety issues and propose mitigation alternatives.
• Identify a pedestrian and bicycle pathway through the corridor.
• Provide detailed traffic analysis to assist in the design and construction of future transportation infrastructure improvements in the corridor; include truck and wide load access and parking.
• Be consistent with other plans (i.e. Long Range Transportation Plan, Billings Urbanized Area Bikeway & Trail Master Plan, Storm Water Master Plan, etc).
• Formulate a parking plan along the rim-top to mitigate erosion and aid in safe orderly parking.
• Conduct a storm water analysis and provide recommendations to aid in control and management of water flow throughout the corridor, consistent with the City of Billings' Storm Water Master Plan.

Consultant will be required to inform and solicit comments from the community through the Yellowstone County Board of Planning Participation Plan. The public participation plan can be found:

At the conclusion of the study the following items will be delivered:

• Weekly email updates of project status to City-County Planning Division. Project meetings as needed.
• Attendance at public meetings and meetings with the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Policy Coordinating Committee (PCC) and Governing Bodies are required.
• Planning Study summarizing the study purpose, methods and conclusions. Preliminary maps and drawings that illustrate existing and recommended transportation improvements, pathways, trails and safety improvements are a must. Corridor renderings encouraged to demonstrate before and after views of the corridor.
• A project priority summary, outlining long-term and short-term projects and phasing for improvement of the corridor.
• 15 full color copies of the study as well as electronic submittal of the document and executive summary that includes a friendly, web-based version.