Request for Proposals

Grant Writing / Administration Services

City of Geneva

Geneva, NY

Posted: 02/05/2014
Submittal Deadline: 02/20/2014


The City of Geneva is seeking to retain a Consulting Agency to assist the City in researching and identifying potential grants and providing general grant writing services associated with the completion and submission of grant applications, program administration and delivery.


Contract will be for three (3) years from date of award with an option to extend at the same prices and conditions for one additional year at the sole option of the City of Geneva.

Agreement Cancellation: The contract may be terminated by agreement or upon sixty (60) days notice in writing given by either party. If the City of Geneva exercises this right to terminate, the services allowed to be performed by second party during the remaining sixty (60) days shall be approved by the City Manager. If the second party exercises this right to terminate, the consultant must attempt to complete as many projects pending as requested by the City Manager.


Proposals will be received by the City of Geneva until 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 20, 2014. All proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and have original signature and date.

One (1) original and one (1) copies of the proposal must be submitted to:

Sage Gerling
Director of Neighborhood Initiatives
City of Geneva
47 Castle Street
Geneva, New York 14456

Questions regarding this proposal may be directed to Sage Gerling at 315-828-6585 or


All responses to this proposal for services shall be submitted on your form.

A. Information to be Provided by the Consultant

1. Provide an outline of your experience providing grant writing and administrative services to include at a minimum the following:

a. Number of year’s firm has been in existence.
b. Provide examples of grant writing efforts which have been conducted, including examples of successful (funded) proposals.
c. Provide examples of successful proposals in the service areas listed in the Scope of Services.
d. Provide a minimum of three (3) references from Cities or other New York State governmental entities for which you have provided grant writing services. Include the name of the organization, brief description of the project, name of contact person and telephone number.

2. Identify individuals who will be assigned to work with the City of Geneva. Provide their background, directly related experiences and past successes.

3. Explain how your firm will access potential sources of grant funding that might otherwise not have been available to the City of Geneva.

4. Provide a detailed description of how your organization will perform the following grant writing and administration services:

• Demonstrated knowledge of sources of grant funds available to municipal government
• Demonstrated proficiency in obtaining funds
• Demonstrated capability of project management and completion
• Consultant’s qualifications and experience
• Consultant’s staff qualifications
• Plan provided by Consultant for services
• Cost of services
• Other information provided by Consultant

5. Fee can be provided on a fixed fee basis or an hourly fee. You must provide a detailed price breakdown including fees itemized for the following staff: A). Senior staff; B.) Professional staff; C.) Clerical staff.

B. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

• General background and expertise relative grant writing and administration;
• The nature and quality of the proposed administrative services, and how these services will be provided;
• References and experience in other communities;
• Method of compensation and total compensation required.

C. Interviews

Interviews may be scheduled with selected prospective Consultants as soon as possible after the proposal opening, to permit further evaluation and to allow the City to inquire further into the Consultant’s experience on similar projects, willingness to work closely with City staff, thorough understanding of the various aspects of the project, ability to maintain a tight schedule and complete the project on time within budget and other pertinent matters.

D. Award

Award will be made to the Consultant that best meets the City of Geneva’s needs and requirements. All aspects of evaluation will be taken into consideration in awarding this contract.

E. Services Requested/Consultant Responsibilities

The following are typical services and/or items that the successful Consultant will be required to provide to the City of Geneva, if it is awarded the Contract, and should be addressed in each Consultant’s proposal.

• Development of Project Implementation Plans;
• Financial management;
• Preparation of Environmental Review Records and completion of the release of fund process;
• Program and project record keeping;
• Preparation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual project reports;
• File maintenance;
• Procurement;
• Preparation of project revisions and amendments;
• Citizen participation;
• Fair housing efforts;
• Compliance with national objectives;
• Labor standards, as applicable;
• Conflict of interest;
• Monitoring and compliance with program regulations;
• Lead-based paint regulations;
• Program income;
• Economic Development activities;
• General advisory assistance on program regulations and project implementation; and
• Other services as may be required in connection with City of Geneva grant funded projects.

Compensation and Method of Payment

Compensation for program administration services must be related to actual performance. Compensation for grant application preparation services may be proposed on a fixed fee basis and/or hourly rate basis.

Minority and Women Owned Enterprises are encouraged to respond.