Request for Proposals

Park Avenue Retail Enhancement Plan

City of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK

Posted: 02/07/2014
Submittal Deadline: 03/04/2014



The Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust, in conjunction with the Oklahoma City Planning Department, Alliance for Economic Development (“Alliance”), the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”) and Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc. (“DOKC”) is soliciting proposals for a Park Avenue Retail Enhancement Plan. This RFP is for professional services related to urban retail district market analysis/feasibility, business recruitment and retention, architectural design, and streetscape/plaza design.

OCEDT anticipates submittals from a partnership or team of consultants in order to perform the project scope of services, but will accept proposals from any single or combination of consultant firms. The selected firm or firms are expected to have the following expertise:

• Retail market analysis, retail / dining business attraction and retention, retail operations, tenant recruitment;
• Urban revitalization, specifically as it relates to large-city downtowns and urban retail environments;
• Mixed Use Retail / Office architectural experience, both in new construction and rehabilitation of existing structures;
• Urban design expertise related to urban commercial / retail environments, plaza and outdoor space design;
• Retail signage design, placement and regulatory framework;
• Business wayfinding signage.

Project Overview

Ever since Main Street was radically transformed during the 1960s, Oklahoma City’s Central Business District (CBD) has lacked a cohesive urban retail district. This is despite a high concentration of office space, the presence of many of the city’s premier hotel properties, and civic anchors like a Downtown Library, Convention Center and Chesapeake Arena, all of which are within a short walking distance of the center of the CBD.

This confluence of markets and lack of retail / dining presence relative to other peer cities represents an enormous lost opportunity for sales tax generation within Downtown Oklahoma City – the primary revenue source for the municipal budget. With the emergence of Bricktown as an entertainment center, the evolution of Midtown and Broadway as retail nodes and future proposed office development, it is appropriate to plan for retail enhancements within the CBD that can play off of existing daytime demand and also potentially serve night and weekend markets. Park Avenue, between Broadway and Harvey, is a street that offers such an opportunity. This study will examine the potential of Park Avenue to become an upgraded retail corridor capable of capturing existing and future demand, driving higher sales tax revenue, and becoming a “great street” that enhances the prominence and desirability of the central business district for office tenants, residents, and tourists.

Study Area

The primary study area will focus on Park Avenue, bordered on the west by Harvey Avenue, to the north by Robert S. Kerr Avenue, to the south by West Main Street and the east by NE K Gaylord Blvd. The surrounding blocks, Central Business District and the entire boundary of downtown Oklahoma City are important contextual areas.

Due Date

Proposals are due March 4th. Please direct all questions regarding the proposal into BidSync, where they will be answered and distributed online. Additionally, there will be a Pre-Proposal Conference Call, which is another opportunity to address questions.

RFP Review / Submittal Instructions

The City of Oklahoma City and its Trusts have partnered with BidSync, Inc. to accept proposals electronically. You are invited to submit a proposal electronically through the BidSync system to supply the professional services, products, or systems specified in the electronic proposal packet.

Proposers must register with BidSync at in order to submit an electronic proposal. The City and its Trusts recommend potential proposers register and become familiar with the BidSync electronic proposal process in advance of submitting a proposal. There is no charge to the proposer for registering or submitting an electronic proposal to the City or its Trusts through BidSync. Instructions on how to get registered to propose through BidSync can be found on the City’s website at

When searching for bids from the City, be sure to search for “Links bids”. There is an option for “Links PLUS bids”; however, this will not return any results for Oklahoma City.

A copy of the City Guidelines and Procedures for Professional Consultant Selection may be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk at the above referenced address. Proposals shall be made in accordance with the Notice to Proposers, General Instructions and Requirements for Proposers, Oklahoma Open Records Act and Confidential Information, and the RFP proposal packet, which are a part of the complete electronic proposal packet.