Request for Proposals

Public Transit Master Plan

Santa Fe MPO

Santa Fe, NM

Posted: 02/12/2014
Submittal Deadline: 03/07/2014


The selected firm will provide guidance and professional assistance for the development of a Public Transit Master Plan to be utilized by the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and its constituent transit service providers. In forming guidance and recommendations, the contractor should consider the following Santa Fe MPO public transit elements:
• Identify general emerging issues, constraints and opportunities for each service provider and within the multi-jurisdictional system defined by the Santa Fe MPO Planning Boundary;
• Identify intra-transit (service providers within the Santa Fe MPO Planning Boundary) service opportunities that maximize public accessibility and mobility throughout the network and with neighboring communities and to raise the overall profile and benefit of public transit for the general public;
• Assessment of existing and future public transit services to meet community needs including existing fare media with recommendations to increase crossservice fare media efficiencies;
• Recommendations for advancing multi-service route connectivity and efficiency with a focus on ridership use and functionality;
• General financial estimates for recommended service scenarios; Future rolling stock needs assessment;
• Recommended capital infrastructure projects and service delivery options;
• Recommended funding source scenarios for project alternatives; and
• Recommendations for the use of innovative technological advances for the purposes of enhancing any element of transit service identified throughout the planning process.

An example includes the potential to coordinate multiple Active Vehicle Location software applications with a common platform across providers to establish regional real time rider information.

The selected firm will work closely with a Public Transit Stakeholder Steering Committee and MPO staff. The Public Transit Stakeholder Steering Committee shall consist of representatives from each major transit provider, members of the Santa Fe MPO Technical Coordinating Committee and staff members from the NMDOT. Tasks may be sequentially modified based on the proposing firm’s recommendations for the best possible final product.

Schedule Eight (8) to Ten (10) Months

Task 1. Project Organization Data and Information Collection
1.1 Refine Scope of Work – Work with Project Team and Stakeholder Steering Committee to clarify priority issues and tasks. Submit a revised scope of work. Scope refinement shall include recommendations for how the Public Transit Master Plan will address the needs of services providers that have service boundaries that extend outside the Santa Fe MPO Planning Area. Refinements will include recommendations for maximizing the effectiveness of the public
engagement plan.
1.2 Review planning and demographic information, including, but not limited to:
demographic projections, the 2010 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, general and master plans for each of the participating jurisdictions, and any applicable service or other plans provided by each of the participating transit providers.Coordinate closely with concurrent planning initiatives including the 2015-2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan update and the State of New Mexico Long Range Transportation Plan update.
1.3 Review data, documents, reports and other items that will be relevant to the project. Documents may include monthly financial and ridership reports, policies and procedures, and records from any relevant past public hearings and existing service plans.
1.4 Develop appropriate goals, objectives and performance standards in order for the MPO and providers to measure system efficiency and effectiveness. The goals and performance standards should help guide transit system operations and generate an integrated systems perspective that includes all service providers.
1.5 Refined project organization materials including deadlines, meetings and deliverables.

Task 2. Existing and Future Public Transit Service
2.1 Evaluate and analyze the existing multi-agency Public Transit Services within the Santa Fe MPO Planning Area in order to make recommendations for improving services in accordance to the goals and objectives set forth in the 2010 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and any other relevant policy or technical documents. Provide recommendations for lowering operating costs, increasing ridership, performance measures and benchmarks, and improve transit services against industry standards and desired objectives.
2.2 Evaluation and analysis will include, performance monitoring and quality control, service levels, service operating parameters such as days and times, fare structure, fare box recovery ratios, field surveys, boardings per capita, operating and subsidized cost per passenger, on-time performance, vehicle dwell time, passenger utilization, schedule efficiency, stop spacing, compatibility and coordination with other services, and school bell times.
2.3 Travel Demand Model Update – the Santa Fe MPO uses VISUM for its Transportation Model within the Metropolitan Planning Area. It seeks to update the model with the incorporation of possible transit factors such as accessibility and connectivity as a means to identify reasonable mode captivity groups to increase the accuracy of the model. Model may then be used to support further analysis required of this study.
2.4 Analyze the service area within Santa Fe MPO Planning Area and future projected growth for service demand. Identify and recommend future service areas and corridors, services, or locations given the impact of urbanized status and past customer interest. Include social service agencies that will likely benefit from transit services.
2.5 The recommended future services may include, but are not limited to, modifications to current service (i.e., schedule adjustments, improved transfer coordination between Fixed Route and Dial-A-Ride service), more frequent service on existing routes, new public transit services to unserved areas, enhanced service coordination with other transit service providers, or expanded weekend service. Criteria for evaluating alternatives shall be developed. Substantive long-term service modifications intended to maximize connectivity and accessibility shall be examined for their feasibility along with investment strategies and suggested steps toward development. Examples may include the
development of high capacity improvements for fixed-guideway systems such as bus rapid transit systems, exclusive rights-of-way or intersection treatments for transit priority.

Task 3. Capital Needs Assessment
3.1 Identify future equipment, facility, and infrastructure needs
3.2 Recommend future purchases or rolling stock, evaluating fuel options and necessary infrastructure needs.

Task 4. Potential Funding Source Identification
4.1 Identify available project financing sources and analyze potential local, State and Federal funding with regard to their relative certainty of availability.

Task 5. Santa Fe MPO Coordinated Intra-Transit Service Marketing Plan
5.1. Develop coordinated cross-route marketing and promotional plan that may include brochures, maps, websites, mobile phone applications and/or other innovative technics that may serve each transit provider and the public, with user friendly tools to maximize accessibility and mobility options across transit provider services.
5.2. Develop and administer existing rider and potential rider user survey measuring the effectiveness of the current transit services, potential service expansions or gaps in service, trip purpose, rider demographics and riders’ perceptions, experiences and desired changes for existing services.

Task 6. Communications and Public Input/Community Outreach
6.1 Public Transit Stakeholder Steering Committee – Identify, develop and engage transit stakeholder committee for on-going input and feedback services. Outline and implement detailed Stakeholder engagement plan.
6.2 Develop public engagement program including surveys and public input meetings. Information shall be presented in both English and Spanish.
6.3 Review any recent public input documentation that may provide timely and
relevant information and incorporate accordingly.
6.4 Provide the Santa Fe MPO Policy Board, the NCRTD Board and the Santa Fe Transit Advisory Board, the general public and the Santa Fe MPO Technical Coordinating Committee (1) draft plan presentation each for critical feedback.

Task 7. Draft/Final Plan Documents
7.1 Provide copies of draft and final plan in formats agreed upon by all parties during the execution of the consulting contract.