Request for Proposals

Rail Corridor Study

NC Capital Area MPO

Raleigh, NC

Posted: 02/12/2014
Submittal Deadline: 03/26/2014


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The North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is inviting qualified consulting firms or persons to submit Project Proposals to conduct a Rail Corridor Study along the rail corridor between Gorman Street in Raleigh, NC and NE Maynard Street in Cary, NC.

This document presents a desired set of work tasks to prepare a work product of two primary needs:
• Corridor Safety and Mobility Study within the City of Raleigh and the Town of Cary.
• Station Area Plans around identified proposed light rail (LRT) and commuter rail (CRT) stations.

The Corridor Safety and Mobility Study will evaluate the area surrounding existing street crossings of the NCRR/NS/CSXT Railroads between Gorman Street in the City of Raleigh and NE Maynard Road in the Town of Cary. This study will also address the need for new grade separations and other potential street improvements within the study area, while evaluating the economic, community, and market impacts of those recommendations.

The Station Area Plans will provide recommendations for supporting and implementing policy and regulatory changes; alternative future land use patterns; and multimodal mobility scenarios resulting from the Corridor and Safety Mobility Study findings and supportive of other local plans and initiatives.

The Station Area Plan scenarios shall be focused on:
• Connectivity - fostering coordination of multimodal transportation opportunities within a long term development pattern that encourages light rail and commuter rail ridership;
• Jobs - enabling creation of new or expansion of existing businesses to provide jobs for residents; and
• Housing - supporting the existing residential community

This study is anticipated to be completed in approximately 18 months with a Notice to Proceed issued in July 2014.