Request for Proposals

Comprehensive Plan

Viva Doña Ana - Camino Real Consortium

Las Cruces, NM

Posted: 02/24/2014
Submittal Deadline: 03/17/2014


Doña Ana County, New Mexico (DAC), on behalf of the Camino Real Consortium, is soliciting proposals from a highly qualified consultant (individual or team) to assist in the completion of a Comprehensive Plan (Plan) as part of the Viva Doña Ana Planning Initiative (VDA).

In 2011, the Camino Real Consortium (Consortium) received a three-year, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant to support Viva Doña Ana -- A regional planning initiative in Doña Ana County, New Mexico. The grant period began in February 2012 and is expected to conclude in February 2015.

Viva Doña Ana will generate six planning documents, one of which is a Comprehensive Plan for Doña Ana County. In October 2012 a planning firm began work on the Comprehensive Plan. In November 2013 the contract with that consultant was terminated due to significant changes in the scope of the project.

Work done under the previous contract included a community profile (Snapshot Report), preliminary visioning, and preliminary analysis for growth scenarios. The Consortium anticipates that much of this information will be helpful in completion of the Comprehensive Plan. However, significant work remains to be done in order to integrate housing, transportation, economic and workforce development, and environmental concerns into the planning framework.

The Consortium invites all qualified firms to submit proposals for consultant services for the preparation of the new Plan. The Request for Proposal (RFP) can be downloaded at or may be obtained at the Doña Ana County Government Center, 845 N. Motel Boulevard, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88007.

The entire project will be performed in conformance with the grant application and with the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) released by HUD on September 6, 2011 under Docket No. FR-5500-N-30FA.

Work to be done under this contract is an extension of earlier planning efforts and a complement to several other planning projects. As outlined above, the initiative has generated a vision statement, gathered substantial amounts of information, initiated the process of public engagement, and clarified some of the major issues facing the region. The Consortium has also identified 18 factors that must be considered during future planning (Attachment 2 – Plan Considerations), and a number of desired outcomes (Attachment 1 – The Sustainable Communities Program).

The purpose of this contract is to secure the professional services needed to develop a Comprehensive Plan that builds on all of this prior work and, more significantly, that lays the foundation for (1) ongoing and future planning processes, and (2) targeted actions on high priority issues that affect the future of the county.

The Consortium believes that the approach best suited for this purpose should be grounded in public engagement, appropriately use the concepts of Smart Growth and New Urbanism, and exemplify HUD’s six Livability Principles.

Firms responding to this RFP must demonstrate that they have the ability to carry out this particular task in the specified manner by providing the following information:

1) Evidence of professional knowledge and experience in comprehensive plan development using the concepts of Smart Growth, New Urbanism, form based codes, and scenario planning—preferably in the western United States.
2) Documentation of the ability to build on earlier planning efforts (i.e. Vision2040), to integrate the other six plans that are part of the Viva Doña Ana initiative, and to coordinate with planning
by other jurisdictions—especially incorporated areas such as the City of Las Cruces, the Town of Mesilla, etc.
A proposal for organization of the Comprehensive Plan based on integration of land use,
transportation and other infrastructure, housing, and economic development—including jobs—as
outlined in the Livability Principles. Integration of elements or themes (not silos) is vital to the
success of Viva Doña Ana.
3) A description of the way primary areas of consideration (see Attachment 2 – Plan Considerations) would be addressed in the context of critical planning issues (see Page 17), and how this process would lead to significant progress toward realization of the region’s emerging vision.
4) Evidence of successful collaboration with planning advisory groups and meaningful public engagement—especially of traditionally underserved communities. Proposers must also demonstrate proficiency in Spanish speaking and writing.

The Doña Ana County Community Development Department and the Consortium, or appointed committee, will finalize the scope of work with the selected consultant prior to contract execution.

The consultant is encouraged to make suggestions—other than on those items listed above—which the consultant believes would materially contribute to an effective planning process, useful Comprehensive Plan, and achievement of program objectives.

The remainder of this document provides a summary of the Viva Doña Ana initiative to date, the context for the Comprehensive Plan, and other information that may be useful in preparing a response to this RFP.