Request for Proposals

Downtown Master Plan

City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Posted: 04/24/2014
Submittal Deadline: 05/22/2014


The purpose of the Plan is to maintain the current momentum within the downtown area, further encourage a downtown real estate recovery, define new opportunities, leverage the recent private investments in the existing Las Vegas Downtown Centennial Plan area and strategically plan the outlay of scarce City resources. It will focus on transportation, economic forecasting, master planning and integration with the form-based code/Las Vegas Downtown Centennial Plan (DCP) update as well as the City’s new Economic Development Strategy adopted in June of 2013. City staff is currently working on a new regulating plan and form-based development standards for the DCP area (see Exhibit A). The Plan will augment and enhance that work by providing vision and policy direction that supports the implementation of the overall strategy for downtown. The Plan is meant to be used by elected and appointed officials and City staff in the ongoing process of making decisions, updating ordinances and allocating funds. The current DCP was completed before much of the current development and demand in the area began and because of this has not been adequately effective in meeting the needs of today’s downtown environment. While the current Las Vegas Downtown Centennial Plan can be used as a reference, it is the desire of the City of Las Vegas to start this process over with a new approach which includes the Plan as a major component. The expectation of this project is to create the Downtown Master Plan in parallel with finalizing the development of the new form-based code for downtown (Regulating Plan and Downtown Centennial Plan District Level Standards) which city staff will present in preliminary draft form to the Planning Commission in June 2014. After completion of the Plan, it is the City of Las Vegas’s intention to continue the process through the next phase which includes the adoption of the Downtown Master Plan and new form-based code for downtown and implementation of the resulting regulating plan.