Request for Proposals

Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance Preparation

Ute Tribe of Uintah and Ouray Reservation

Fort Duchesne, UT

Posted: 04/30/2014
Submittal Deadline: 06/30/2014

Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance Preparation
for the Ute Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation
April 30, 2014

The Ute Tribal Business Committee requests Proposals from qualified Firms for the preparation of a Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance for the Tribe's Reservation. Indian Preference applies to this Request for Proposal. The UTBC is bound by Tribal Preference regarding Indian-owned applicants and businesses.

A. Scope of Services
The Services are anticipated to include, but not limited to, the following:
1. Inventory and analyze existing tribal planning documents;

2. Prepare the following sections to be included in Master Plan:
a. Vision (including):
i. Vision Statement
ii. Sustainability Statement
iii. Plan Priorities
b. Goals and Objectives
c. Land Use
i. Mix of Land Uses
ii. Residential Development
iii. Commercial Development
iv. Industrial Development
v. Preservation of Natural and Culturally-Sensitive Areas
vi. Development Standards
d. Transportation
i. Analysis of Transportation Network
ii. Roadway Capacity
iii. Major Roadway Connections
iv. Alternative Modes of Transportation
v. Interconnected Bike and Pedestrian System
vi. Analysis of Regional Transportation Network
vii. Integration of Land Use and Transportation
e. Community Form & Identity
i. Community Identity
ii. Community Character
iii. Community Form
f. Open Space, Parks, Recreation & Trails
i. Open Space Connectivity
ii. Community Image and Identity
iii. Environmental Stewardship
iv. Meeting Future Needs
v. Distribution of Facilities
g. Economic Development
i. Regional Shopping
ii. Employment
iii. Commercial Vitality
iv. Tourism
h. Community Services and Facilities
i. Decentralized Facilities and Services
ii. Facility and Service Inventory and Renewal
iii. Education
iv. Communication
v. Public Safety
vi. Justice System
vii. Library System
viii. Health Care, Public Health and Human Services
i. Environmental Stewardship
i. Environmental Ethics
ii. Sustainability
iii. Quality of Life
iv. Regional Partnerships
v. Compliance
vi. Education
j. Housing
i. Existing Housing
ii. Homeownership and Retention
iii. Diversity of Housing Types and Ownership Options
iv. Special Needs and Services Housing
v. Residential Housing Design
k. Utilities
i. Utility Planning
ii. Sustainable Utilities Contributing to Quality of Life
iii. Community Aesthetics
iv. Communications Infrastructure
v. Public Health and Provision of Utilities
vi. Regional Coordination
l. Historic Preservation Plan
i. Identification of Sensitive Areas
ii. Protective Measures
m. Implementation Plan

3. Prepare and Present a Zoning Ordinance/Map for the Tribe’s entire jurisdiction.

B. Proposal Content and Format:
In submitting a proposal, each applicant acknowledges the UTBC shall not be liable to any person or firm for any cost incurred therewith or in connection with costs incurred by any applicant in anticipation of action approving or disapproving any proposed agreement. UTBC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals without limitations, award a selection based solely on the Proposal, or interview a short list of submitting firms prior to selecting a Proposal (and such interviews shall not obligate UTBC to accept any of the Proposals made by such submitting firms). UTBC reserves the right to photocopy, circulate, or otherwise distribute any material submitted in response to this Request for Proposal. Proposals will not be returned.

Qualifying Proposals must address all of the following points, in the following order:

1. Cover/Transmittal Letter. This letter must be signed by a member of the firm with the authority to commit to a contract on behalf of the offering firm and include an acknowledgement of the firm’s receipt of all addenda to this RFP, if applicable.

2. History and Background of Firm. Provide relevant information about the firm, its history, background information, ownership, experience and capabilities, as well as any other information that will be helpful to the evaluation team in understanding the firm and its proposal.

3. Scope of Services. Describe the preliminary work plan that your firm intends to use to complete the tasks listed in the Scope of Services. Note any changes or additions to the services listed in the Scope of Services that may have been overlooked or which help clarify your services or approach.

4. Project Approach. Describe your firm’s Project Approach and philosophy, in general and with regard to this particular project and client. Discuss staffing availability and a potential completion schedule for the planning and design process.

5. Key Personnel. List the Principal-in-Charge, and others who will be directly involved in the project, as well as any outside consultants your firm has included in its design team. Provide a concise statement of qualifications and experience of each key person who may be committed to the project.

6. Related Experience and References. Include the following:
a. Projects in progress or completed that are comparable to this project or other similar or relevant work with other tribes.
b. Provide a minimum of three references.

7. Corporate Documentation and Financial Information. Provide relevant information regarding organizational stability and strength of the firm.

8. Insurance. Provide amounts and carriers of both general liability and professional liability insurance.

C. Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process
All Proposals received shall be evaluated by UTBC in the manner deemed appropriate by UTBC for the selection of a qualified firm. The following factors, with assigned maximum scores, will be used to evaluate Proposals:

1. Qualifications of the Firm – Qualifications will be evaluated based upon firm history and philosophy, professional experience, firm capabilities, references, key personnel, and other related considerations, including organizational stability/financial strength and insurance coverages. 0-35 points

2. Project Approach – Including staffing and proposed schedule. 0-35 points

3. Native American Project and Client Experience. 0-15 points

4. Native American Ownership. 0-15 points

Total Possible Score. 100 points

D. Submittal
Four (4) copies of the Proposal are due by 5:00 PM local time on June 30, 2014 and may be mailed, or sent via courier to:

Reannin Tapoof
Ute Indian Tribe
P.O. Box 190
Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026

Actual time of delivery of any Proposal shall be determined by the time reflected on the office clock within the offices of the UTBC and any Proposal that is submitted after 5:00 PM local time on June 30, 2014 shall be deemed rejected. Proposals forwarded via facsimile or electronically will not be accepted.

All proposals must be marked clearly on the outside of the package:

Master Plan & Zoning Ordinance Proposal
For the Uintah and Ouray Reservation
headquartered in Fort Duchesne, Utah
date: _________________