Request for Proposals

Preparation of Work Plan for City GP/LCP Update

City of Morro Bay

Morro Bay, CA

Posted: 07/09/2014
Submittal Deadline: 08/05/2014


The City of Morro Bay (“City”) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to prepare a detailed work plan for the update of the City’s General Plan and Local Coastal Program. The intent of the work plan is to provide the framework for future, incremental, update of the GP/LCP and associated elements. The goal is to produce a modern planning document, a combined LCP and GP, which satisfies the needs of all of the stakeholders, including the Community, Coastal Commission and resource agencies.

The City is a full service general law city incorporated in 1964. The City serves a population of approximately 10,300 in San Luis Obispo County and covers approximately 5.3 square miles on land. The City provides water and sewer service over the entire City Limits.

The City’s current General Plan and Local Coastal Plan were written in 1988 and 1983 respectively; while there have been periodic updates to the LCP and Zoning ordinance there has not been a successful comprehensive update. These documents are available for viewing on the City’s website, The City has recently received a grant award from the Ocean Protection Council and California Coastal Commission to perform the technical analysis needed for sea level rise adaptation. This work is expected to start during the third quarter of 2014.

The following section describes the suggested components that should be included in the scope of work. The proposed should include any items not identified that could, cost effectively, accomplish the City’s goals. City staff will finalize the scope of work with the selected consultant prior to contract authorization. The City is open to suggestions other than those items listed which the consultant believes will be of value in producing a viable GP/LCP update that will have practical applications for day‐to‐day planning activities. The completion date for the work plan is October 31, 2014.

1. Review the current LCP and GP and identify relevant sections that should remain, be revised, or be removed. This review should include recognition of deficiencies of the current plans and identification of new elements that should be incorporated into the new plan.
2. Conduct a visioning session with Morro Bay City Council, Planning Commission and City administrative staff at a joint meeting.
3. Provide the framework for a broad‐based participation plan to solicit input throughout the update process.
4. Provide a detailed schedule for the incremental GP/LCP update.
5. Provide “Resources Needs” flow diagram with an estimate of hours and the staffing levels for the update of the various elements, including where specialized technical consultant services will be required.

For complete RFP details, terms and conditions and required content, please visit our City website at the link indicated above to view the Request for Proposal. Please also note the below submission proposal criteria:

Submission of Proposal
To be considered by the selection committee, the Proposal for Land Use Planning Services for the City of Morro Bay must be submitted by no later than 4:30 p.m. on August 5, 2014.

The City will not consider proposals received after said time. Submit proposals to the City of Morro Bay Public Services Department in a sealed envelope plainly marked with the proposal title, consultant name and address, and time and date of the proposal submittal deadline.

Seven (7) copies of the proposal should be submitted in a sealed envelope or box. Proposals shall be mailed to: City of Morro Bay, Department of Public Services, 595 Harbor St., Morro Bay, 93442; or hand delivered to the Department at 955 Shasta Avenue, Morro Bay, 93442. Provide a CD of the proposal.