Request for Proposals

Live Oak Park and Temple City Park Master Plans

City of Temple City

Temple City, CA

Posted: 07/15/2014
Submittal Deadline: 08/08/2014


The City of Temple is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to prepare a Master Plan for each of the City's developed parks: Live Oak Park and Temple City Park. The main objectives of the process shall be to: identify sustainable opportunities and alternatives for facility and amenity improvement; provide precise visions for each park; and establish a strategic direction for development projects in each park. The Live Oak Park and Temple City Park Master Plans shall expand on the goals and recommendations of the citywide Parks and Open Space Master Plan.


Temple City is centrally located in the west San Gabriel Valley, approximately 5 miles southeast of Pasadena and 13 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Predominantly residential, the community houses around 35,000 residents within 3.85 square miles and is surrounded by the municipalities of Arcadia, San Gabriel, El Monte, Rosemead and unincorporated Los Angeles.

The Parks and Recreation Department currently oversees 2 developed parks: Live Oak Park and Temple City Park, each encompassing 16 acres and 4 acres respectively. On April 2, 2014, City Council adopted the Parks and Open Space Master Plan ("POSMP"); the purpose of which was to determine current needs, strengths, and gaps in the parks and recreation department facilities and programs. The data presented in the Parks and Open Space Master Plan allowed for the development of an action plan outlining short-, mid-, and long-term goals for the Parks and Recreation Department for the next estimated 20 years. As part of that action plan, separate Master Plans for each park were proposed to focus future development, projects, and management actions.


The City of Temple City ("City") is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants ("Consultant") to develop and draft Master Plans ("Master Plan") for the two existing parks within the City: 1) Live Oak Park and 2) Temple City Park, with a prioritization of the Live Oak Park Master Plan. Both the Live Oak Park and Temple City Park Master Plans will work in conjunction with and expand on the POSMP. The Consultant is expected to develop a Master Plan for each park that will define the park's vision--which will be supported by policies, guidelines and priorities--and guide future programmatic decisions and capital improvement planning.

The successful Consultant shall be responsible for all aspects of the Master Plan Process as generally and minimally set forth in this RFP. Due to varying scales of usage within the Parks, the Consultant's approach to the Master Plan(s) is expected to be both thoughtful and creative. The Consultant shall be prepared to draft solely a Live Oak Park Master Plan or both the Live Oak Park and Temple City Park Master Plans based on available funding. Bids for each Master Plan must be identified separately.

Consultants must demonstrate capacity to deliver high-quality service, and strategy to maximize available resources, such as ensuring the preservation of mature landscaping and incorporating sustainable design principles.


The Consultant will provide services to the City that will result in a comprehensive Master Plan for Live Oak Park and Temple City Park. This Scope of Work is meant to act as a minimal and general baseline for the project. Each task generally outlines the work involved, and it shall be the responsibility of each consultant responding to this RFP to identify, with specificity, the tasks, sub-tasks, public presentations, and public hearings, including a proposed timetable.

Additions to the Scope of Work may be proposed should they be considered beneficial to the City. However, proposal cost may not be based upon provision of additional services. The Consultant may be working with other consultants or sub-contractors in order to appropriately and effectively complete the tasks minimally set forth in this scope of work.

I. Project Initiation
The Consultant shall meet with City staff to develop and finalize a detailed work plan/schedule which will, at minimum, establish meeting and presentation schedules, and clarify roles and responsibilities of both City and Consultant teams.

1. Formalize and outline the Master Planning Process and Schedule.
2. Develop timeline for the public involvement, analysis, recommendations, and preparation of work product.
3. Identify and clarify project roles and key stakeholders.

II. Site Assessment - Research and Analysis
During this phase, the Consultant shall consider current site conditions; identify opportunities and constraints, along with neighborhood and civic interests. Consultant will also review all available background materials, historic documents, operational and capital budgets, zoning codes, maps, facility or structural assessments, site plans, arborist assessments, and any other relevant information relating to the project. The Consultant is expected to utilize the POSMP as a valuable resource during this project.

1. Analyze Existing Conditions
2. Review Current Maintenance and Operations

III. Community Outreach and Public Participation
The POSMP, approved this past April, included a highly extensive community needs assessment. Due to this, the Master Plan project at hand may require minimal public participation that will be focused on community input regarding the specific park instead of the entire parks, open space, and recreation system. The Consultant shall refer to the data and Community Needs Assessment within the POSMP.

IV. Master Plan Development
Based on the Community Needs Assessment, public outreach, and City input, the Master Plan will be developed. This Master Plan will reflect the needs and interests identified by the community, the City, and other key constituents.

1. Identify Priority Projects
2. Draft Schematic Design Alternatives
3. Prepare Draft Master Plan
4. Prepare Final Master Plan


Release of RFP - July 14, 2014
Responses due - August 8, 2014
Interviews - August 18, 2014 (week of)
Consultant selection - September 2, 2014 (week of)

NOTE: Please refer to the City website ( for a digital copy of the RFP for more details on the Scope of Work, Deliverables, Consultant Requirements, Submittal Requirements, Selection Criteria and Process, General Conditions, and added attachments.