Request for Proposals

Community Needs Assessment

Seneca Nation of Indians

Irving, NY

Posted: 08/07/2014
Submittal Deadline: 08/29/2014


The Seneca Nation of Indians (SNI) is requesting proposals from experienced individuals, organizations, or consulting firms to conduct a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment. The project is supported by grants from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and National Congress of American Indians (NCAI); therefore, the completed Community Needs Assessment must conform to the requirements detailed in the Nation’s 2010-2012 BIA Community Service Grant Agreement and the 2013 NCAI Partnership for Tribal Governance Award.

Contents of Proposal

A. Statement of Qualifications
The proposal should include a description of the capacity to perform the SNI Community Needs Assessment, including:
Organizational Mission
Knowledge of Indian County
Experience with Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis
Facilitation of Focus Groups and Public Forums
Creation and Delivery of Surveys
Experience with Community Needs Assessments or Similar Projects

B. Work Plan
The proposal should include a description of the project design, including:
Methodology and Rationale
Quantitative Data Identification and Analysis
Qualitative Assessment and Community and Government Engagement
Comprehensive Findings and Recommendations

C. Implementation Plan
The proposal should describe the implementation plan, including:
Key Staff
Completion Date

D. Cost Proposal
Competitive proposals will be considered for the Seneca Nation of Indians Community Needs Assessment, and will result in a fixed price contract.

A detailed cost proposal showing estimated hours and personnel for each task along with a total not to exceed cost is required. Provide the billing rates or range for each classification of key staff members, including subconsultants and percentages.