Request for Proposals

Cost of Growth and New Development Study

City of Auburn

Auburn, AL

Posted: 08/11/2014
Submittal Deadline: 09/12/2014


The City of Auburn is seeking a qualified consulting firm to provide a proposal for an assessment study to analyze the costs associated with growth and new development including consideration of the following governmental services: schools, fire, police, parks and recreation, and transportation.

The City of Auburn is located in east central Alabama along the vibrant I-85 corridor. It is the largest city in Lee County and ninth largest city in the State of Alabama and occupies approximately 58.8 square miles with approximately 58,582 residents (2013 Census Estimate). From 2000 to 2010, the City grew from 42,987 residents to 53,380 residents representing a 24.2% growth rate over that decade. New residential construction within the City will continue to increase the service population and, therefore, the demand for new facilities. For example, Auburn City Schools has been the fastest growing school system in Alabama for several years running and currently educates nearly 7,800 students across 11 schools.

As a result of this significant and consistent growth, the City desires to engage a consultant to recommend to the City of Auburn a strategy which employs a “growth paying for growth” approach to ensure that a desirable level of service continues to be provided for schools, fire, police, parks and recreation, and transportation. This includes examining the prospect of impact fees that are appropriate, technically supportable, and feasible. The report must also demonstrate a clear, reasonable relationship between new development and new facilities needed to serve that new development.