Request for Proposals

Upper East Side Community Visioning Services

City of Bridgeport

Bridgeport, CT

Posted: 08/13/2014
Submittal Deadline: 09/03/2014


The City of Bridgeport will be utilizing the services of a consultant to conduct visioning exercises with the Upper East Side neighborhood. This includes 2 community workshops and meetings with the NRZ Planning Committee. The consultant will create the vision, which the City will use as a basis to write the neighborhood revitalization zone plan.

The consultant will be responsible for drafting the community vision and developing design renderings of key recommendations that emerge from the community visioning process. The community vision and the design renderings will be included into the Upper East Side NRZ Plan that will be developed by City staff. The vision must include, but not limited to the strategies for increasing self-reliance, encouraging homeownership and for promoting sustainable economic development.

The consultant will:
1.1 Work with key stakeholders to develop a forward looking strategic framework that gives the long-term-comprehensive perspective necessary to make rational and incremental decisions on community issues as they arise.
1.2 Synthesize community vision into key focus areas as identified during community visioning workshops. Each focus area will further be articulated with a set of more specific ideas to describe the future of Upper East Side Community.
1.3 Work with community members to identify neighborhood’s strengths, challenges and opportunities.
1.4 Produce perspective design sketches depicting design solutions of the key issues and recommendations that would emerge from the visioning process. The Consultant will conduct a detailed assessment of the project feasibility depicted through the perspective sketches based on existing regulatory requirements.

The Upper East Side Planning Study is to be completed within three months, with the project cost not expected to exceed $20,000. All consultants submitting a proposal must be available September 18 and 19 for selection interviews, as necessary. A Notice to Proceed is expected on or about October 27.

All submittals shall be emailed to No paper copies will be accepted. Submittals must be received prior to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

Submissions must be clearly marked “Upper East Side Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Community Vision” and include the following: letter of Intent; names of individuals who will be assigned to this project, including any subcontractors, and proposed role for each individual; demonstration of experience on similar projects; capacity of firm/team to provide services within stated timeframe; familiarity with Bridgeport; proposed cost of services.

Any questions may be directed to Lynn Haig at (203) 576-7317, or