Request for Qualifications

Public Schools Master Plan

Kansas City Public Schools

Kansas City, MO

Posted: 08/25/2014
Submittal Deadline: 09/15/2014


KCPS desires to identify a qualified Vendor that demonstrates experience in K-12 Education Master Planning for urban school districts. The Vendor’s services will help guide the development of a five-year master plan for the District that will position KCPS to regain full accreditation, increase enrollment, and more effectively serve the educational needs of KCPS students.

Vendor's scope of work includes: 1) conduct a demographic, capacity and utilization analysis; 2) prepare a facilities needs assessment; 3) conduct attendance boundary and transportation analysis; and 4) assist in the development and execution of a community engagement and communication plan.

Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) serves approximately 15,000 students (Pre-K–12) and is comprised of thirty-nine (39) schools, which include twenty-five (25) elementary schools, seven (7) high schools, two (2) middle schools, (2) early learning centers, two (2) alternative schools, and one (1) career and technical center. In addition, the District has two (2) administrative buildings and a number of surplus properties.

The mission of KCPS is to produce fully-equipped global citizens through a relevant, dynamic and rigorous curriculum. For additional information about the District, please visit the KCPS website at

In 2009-2010, due to enrollment declines and shrinking budgets, the District undertook a right-sizing process, which resulted in the closure of 29 school sites over a two year period. Since that time, enrollment has decreased by an additional 2,400 students and the District has made changes to the configuration of the educational program (reopening two middle schools and two early childhood centers) in order to better serve the needs of its students. While enrollment has decreased and the District is projecting lower revenues from the State of Missouri for SY2015/16, KCPS students are making solid academic growth such that in August 2014, the District regained provisional accreditation and has set its sight on full accreditation.

The District desires to identify a qualified Vendor that demonstrates experience in K-12 Education Master Planning for urban school districts. The Vendor’s services will help guide the development of a five-year master plan for the District that will position KCPS to regain full accreditation, increase enrollment, and more effectively serve the educational needs of KCPS students.

KCPS has conducted multiple studies (both in-house and contracted) and held several months of discussions with community stakeholders in Fall 2013 in preparation for the development of the master plan. In 2006 and again in 2013, KCPS conducted utilization studies of its educational facilities. In 2013, school communities provided feedback on priority facility improvements (over 700 recommendations) and KCPS had facility assessments prepared for HVAC, roofs, security systems, building envelopes, concrete/asphalt, etc. that have identified over $240 million in deferred maintenance/capital projects and which will be made available to the Vendor. The KCPS team has also prepared draft facility standards and conducted substantial demographic analysis, enrollment projections through SY2019 and attendance boundary evaluation. In addition, KCPS will be engaging School Improvement Advisory Committees (SIACs) this fall which will be working on developing school-based strategies to gain/sustain accreditation and to increase enrollment. Information from the SIACs will also be shared with the Vendor and should help guide the master planning analysis.


KCPS anticipates the following scope of work is needed to support the development of a five-year master plan. Additional services may be considered/included.

Demographic, Capacity and Utilization Analysis:

The Vendor shall incorporate existing demographic analysis and enrollment projections to identify and project student populations by geography/attendance area, school and grade level in order to assess and define facility needs. The analysis should include a review of current methods and estimates of school capacity calculations and enrollment projections. The analysis should also include an evaluation of the District’s current utilization rates and school size standards and associated short-term and long-term recommendations about how to best deliver services to KCPS students.

Needs Assessment:

Vendor shall conduct a review of the District’s five year capital improvements plan, deferred maintenance report, surplus properties included in the repurposing process, as well as budget projections showing revenue decreases due to lower enrollment and prepare a facilities needs assessment and short-term and long-term recommendations for ensuring that KCPS facilities and properties are serving the needs of KCPS students, families and employees, while also supporting the district’s goals of regaining full accreditation and increasing enrollment.

Attendance Boundary and Transportation Analysis:

The Vendor shall use existing attendance boundary goals and capture rate data to analyze the district’s current attendance boundaries and transportation policies and make recommendations aimed to better serve existing KCPS students and attract new students.

Community Engagement:

KCPS is committed to meaningful community engagement throughout the master planning process. The Vendor will work with District staff and key stakeholders to develop and execute an engagement and communication plan.

KCPS reserves the right to negotiate additional services as may be required in the course of the contract for services or subsequent to completion of the final report.


At a minimum, the selected Vendor shall provide the following deliverables:

• a final report that will help guide the District’s five-year master plan
• interim reports, which include: 1) demographic, capacity and utilization analysis; 2) facilities needs assessment; 3) attendance boundary and transportation analysis; 4) summary of the community engagement process and stakeholder feedback
• formal presentations and support materials for the Board of Education, KCPS administration and District stakeholders

Performance Timeline:

The Vendor shall achieve milestones, tentative outlined as follows, and subject to negotiation between the District and Vendor:

October 2014-November 2014

• Initial data review and evaluation
• Stakeholder engagement as required and outlined in engagement and communications plan
• Complete demographic, capacity and utilization analysis and submit interim report

December 2014

• Stakeholder engagement as required and outlined in engagement and communications plan
• Complete needs assessment and submit interim report

January 2015

• Stakeholder engagement as required and outlined in engagement and communications plan
• Complete attendance boundary and transportation analysis and submit interim report
• Submit final report and present findings/recommendations to stakeholders


Schedule. This schedule is tentative and is subject to change for reasons, including, but not limited to, changes in deadlines by the School District.
RFQ Published: August 24, 2014
RFQ Response Due: September 15, 2014 at 2:00 P.M. CST
Interviews: September 18-26, 2014
Selection: September 30, 2014


Each submittal must contain the following:

• Vendor background: Provide Vendor name(s), address(es), contact(s) and firm(s) background information.
• Project team: Include an organizational chart that depicts reporting responsibilities of proposed team members, including identification of the project manager, including bios of key team members.
• Project experience: Provide a brief description of similar projects. Provide three examples of projects ongoing or completed within the five years that include similar school facility planning services. Please highlight how school districts have utilized/leveraged the Vendors analysis/planning services to run successful efforts to revise attendance boundaries, right-size, and/or implement successful levy or bond issuances. List references with contact information.
• Planning approach and project management plan: Provide a description of your methodology for addressing the proposed scope of work to include how the effort with be staffed and managed within the performance timeline.
• Sample deliverables: Submit no more than three samples of deliverables that would be provided to KCPS throughout or at the end of the planning process. Any deliverable under five pages should be submitted in hard copy, whereas any deliverable over five pages should be submitted in electronic format (website link or on CD).
• Fee proposal: Submit a proposed cost of services broken out by the scope of work categories.
• Response certification form: Submit the form provided as Attachment A. Additional information provided on page 12.
• MBE/WBE participation: Submit the form provided as Attachment B to indicate the Vendor’s efforts to comply with the District’s MBE/WBE goals.


This RFQ process is intended to identify those Vendors that are sufficiently qualified to provide master planning services. It is critical that consultants have the appropriate skills to engage with staff and community stakeholders throughout this process. Specialized experience and technical competence, capacity and capability to perform within time limitations, and relevant, past performance will be used to determine whether providers are qualified or not. Vendors may also include as team members other highly qualified firms in their proposal in order to achieve the appropriate desired qualifications. Only those Vendors that are identified through this RFQ process as qualified will be considered to provide the requested services for the District.

Through a systematic review of submitted qualifications and interviews, the District will select one or more Vendors with the highest appropriate experience and skills to perform the requested Scope of Work. Such selection shall be based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for types of services to be performed, and on fair and reasonable prices for such services. Proposed cost of services will be evaluated, but will not necessarily be the determining factor in selection. The District may engage in negotiations for the final agreement, including price, with more than one of the selected teams. After concluding negotiations, the selected Vendor will be recommended to the Board of Education for award of a contract. The District may elect to not award the contract to any of the Vendors.

A Vendor’s ability to reach MBE/WBE participation goals has an impact on contract award.

The annual percentage goals for “Services” are:

Minority — 15%
Women — 10%

The District reserves the right to determine whether the Vendor has demonstrated a good faith effort to comply with its MBE/WBE participation requirements. The District encourages the development of joint venture relationships in services. The District also reserves the right to initiate discussion/negotiation regarding MBE/WBE participation with the Vendor deemed most responsive. Questions may be addressed to the Procurement Services Department at 816-418-7300.