Request for Proposals

Hudson Square Streetscape Improvement Plan

Hudson Square Connection

New York City, NY

Posted: 07/19/2010
Submittal Deadline: 08/23/2010


The Hudson Square District Management Association d/b/a the Hudson Square Connection has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of a comprehensive streetscape improvement plan for the Hudson Square Business Improvement District.

The main goal of the Streetscape Improvement Plan is to provide the Hudson Square Connection with creative solutions to better manage traffic and create a pedestrian-friendly environment, to create more and more usable open space, and to green our streets. The Streetscape Improvement Plan needs to support the overall mission of the Hudson Square Connection and promote social, economic and environmental sustainability, create opportunities for retail and help define the neighborhood identity.

Selected consultants are asked to develop an overall vision and design framework for the district’s streetscape and to recommend specific, catalytic streetscape improvement projects. Projected starting date is October 1, 2010. Anticipated deadline for the final report is July 1, 2011. We expect interested firms to form teams and submit proposals as a team. The team should be design-oriented. We consider landscape architecture a central design element of the Streetscape Improvement Plan. The lead firm should have the experience and capacity to manage the team and the project.

Deadline for responses to the RFP: August 23, 2010, 5:00 PM EST.

If you are interested in this RFP, you can request a copy of the RFP by sending an email to