Request for Proposals

Trails Master Planning

Skokomish Indian Tribe

Skokomish, WA

Posted: 09/19/2012
Submittal Deadline: 10/15/2012


The Skokomish Indian Tribe invites submission of qualification-based proposals from planning and/or architectural firms or individuals, licensed to do business in the State of Washington or Oregon, who are interested in developing a Trails Master Plan linking Skokomish’s residential, government services and their usual accustomed areas.

The Skokomish Reservation is situated in an area of abundant natural resources and spectacular beauty. U.S. Highway 101 travels north/south through the Skokomish Reservation as it navigates the perimeter of Olympic Peninsula. State Route 106, from the east intersects Highway 101 near the core area of the reservation. Highway 101 carries a high volume of tourism traffic to and from recreational destinations along Hood Canal, in the Olympic National Park, and on the coastlines of the Strait of Jan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean.

The Trail Master Plan (TMP) would cover multi-modal transportation (including walking, bicycling and limited handicap accessibility). The TMP will compliment a 3 Phase Housing Master Plan and an existing a Facilities Master Plan.

The TMP is a document of beginnings. The document will establish a baseline of existing trails, propose strategies for an initial trail network, implementation strategies including cost estimates and phased construction approach. Skokomish’s TMP’s vision looks to begin traditionally reconnecting the Skokomish people within their reservation and their U&A.

Scope of work:
1. The TMP will address 4 reservation areas, Core Reservation Area, the new t3ba’das Housing development, an emerging Government Campus and linking trails.
2. The TMP will contain a glossary, and introduction explaining the basics of trail planning and construction in sensitive environmental and cultural areas.
3. The Core Reservation Area trails plan should be integrated with construction of new wastewater treatment system and associated pipe for residential homes.
4. The TMP must include a solution of safely crossing US Hwy 101 which separates the Government Campus from the Core Reservation area.
5. All trails included in the plan must accommodate walking, bicycling, and limited handicap accessibility.
6. The TMP must also include potential trail plans that will link culturally sensitive areas close to the reservation though outside its boundaries.
7. The TMP can integrate different surfacing solutions through out the trail system.
8. Design and construction cost estimates should be included in the TMP.

Qualifications and a cost proposal should be submitted electronically to Gordon Neilson, Transportation Planner, Community Development Office, Skokomish Tribe at Minority and women-owned businesses are encouraged to apply.

Statements of Qualifications will be scored as follows:

1) Professional Qualifications – Qualifications of the firm and staff to complete programming and preliminary design of a Skokomish Master Trails Plan. Discussion of professional licensure, academic work, professional experience, and professional affiliation relative to content of this project. (10%).

2) Specialized Experience – Specialized experience and demonstrated technical competence in trail master planning. (15%)

3) Capacity to Accomplish Work – Firm’s capacity to complete the project within the stated project period. (10%)

4) Past Performance – Past performance on similar contracts with Government and/or Tribal agencies in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. Past performance documentation should include a list of at least three (3) comparable projects including project contact, project description, cost and duration of the project (25%).

5) Geographic Proximity & Project Familiarity – Location of offices and staff to the Skokomish Indian Reservation to increase service delivery efficiency and availability during the project. Please detail familiarity with the project area and/or project stakeholders. Consultant must disclose prior work on the Skokomish Reservation either as primary or sub-contractor. (5 %)

6) Management Plan & Team Organization - The degree to which the proposed management plan and team organization - including degree of principle participation, production coordination, division of work, quality assurance, cost control, and prior experience of the project team as a unit - will meet the objectives of this project. (25%)

7) Indian Preference - Extent of active participation of Indian Owned firms. (10%)

Submittal should not exceed 15 pages. Closing date is October 15th, 2012 at 4pm.