Request for Proposals

Joint Land Use Study Mapping Project

Cascade County Board of County Commissioners

Great Falls, MT

Posted: 09/25/2012
Submittal Deadline: 10/17/2012


Cascade County, Montana requests proposals to create a Red/Yellow/Green Map as well as technical language to incorporate it into existing Growth Policies as recommended in the recently completed Malmstrom Joint Land Use Study. Project is funded by the DOD Office of Economic Adjustment. This project will provide expertise that is outside of the technical expertise of county staff and further assist with fully implementing the recommendations put forth in the Malmstrom JLUS Implementation Plan completed in March 2012. Heavy public participation will be required throughout to ensure that the community is aware of the process and has ample of opportunity to provide insight and feedback.

The following is the minimum work requested under this RFP. This section provides an overall guide for the responses, and there follows a detailed statement for each specific task. Upon conclusion of the negotiation process and before proceeding with work tasks, the selected consultant team will be required to work with the JLUS Coordinating Committee and the Cascade County Planning Division to prepare a final study design and work plan to be included in the contract agreement. This will include the consultant’s estimate of timely completion within the maximum time of six to nine (6-9) months from project start for the entire project. There are several specific tasks to be completed as part of this project, and successful responses to this request will demonstrate a well thought out time line for completing the tasks in a progressive order over the contract period.

The Consultant must demonstrate their availability to achieve timely completion. The project will culminate with a deliverable presentation to, at minimum, the JLUS Coordinating Committee and Board of County Commissioners. The successful Consultant will address points in time for ongoing feedback and review throughout the project. Prior to the completion of the final map and Growth Policy language the consultant will solicit input and approval from the JLUS Coordinating Committee and other regional partners for feedback and correction. The final report and deliverables will include materials to be delivered to the grant funding sources for administrative record as well as to each of the regional partners. Final payment will be made after the project has been reviewed and approved by the Cascade County Board of County Commissioners.

Consultant must demonstrate their ability to work with a wide cross section of communities and the public. This project will require an excellent working relationship and communication with the Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force and the successful firm will demonstrate previous successful efforts in gaining these relationships and positive outcomes during a JLUS Process or subsequent implementation activities. This project will require a high degree of public awareness, communication and consensus building. The successful firm will demonstrate a high degree of expertise in the area of mapping, GIS, and developing the appropriate electronic files associated with mapping activities. Additionally, the selected consultant will demonstrate expertise in planning, land use, and associated growth policies in order to ensure that appropriate technical language, displays and other materials are developed for incorporation into growth policies in the study area. Consultant must demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of rural culture, especially those of the Western United States, and that they have had success in moving a project such as this forward and getting community grass-roots buy-in to the process.

The JLUS Implementation Strategies were outlined in the Malmstrom and Missile Complex Study Area Implementation Plans as part of the deliverable documents incorporated in the final JLUS Study Report which was accepted as a completed study by the Cascade County and Great Falls City Commissions in March/May of 2012. While included in the process and development of the Missile Complex Study Area Implementation Plans the other six counties (Chouteau, Fergus, Judith Basin, Lewis & Clark, Teton, and Wheatland) did not pass a resolution adopting the JLUS. Presently, the only county with zoning regulations in place is Cascade County. Cascade County and the City of Great Falls will be moving forward with implementing portions of the recommendations. The outlying counties have indicated they see value in obtaining the Red/Yellow/Green Map, but have no desire to adopt zoning regulations at this time. The other counties will adopt the non-regulatory processes and participate in the creation of the Red/Yellow/Green mapping which will provide useful non-regulatory guidance. As such, the following tasks for implementation will be undertaken by the JLUS Coordinating Committee, which will include hiring consulting services for portions outside the scope of expertise of the committee or their respective agencies.

The Malmstrom JLUS recommends the creation of a Red/Yellow/Green map as a strategy for addressing issues related to Frequency, Vertical Obstruction, and Manmade. This map will be used as a policy guiding document and tool to assist with making land use decisions going forward. This would assist the present 40th Helicopter Mission by avoiding incompatible development as well as preserve future mission viability both on Malmstrom and in the adjoining Missile Complex. The map will identify areas within the study area that fit these criteria:
• Green = “Go” –This is an area where the Air Force is on record that it has no concerns with potential impacts due to Frequency, Vertical Obstruction or Manmade Structures.
• Yellow = “Caution” -- This is an area where the Air Force has indicated that there is a potential for conflicts with the mission depending on the specifics of the proposed development. The developer will need to visit with Malmstrom to ascertain what, if any, conflicts will exist and what mitigation, if any, measures may be necessary.
• Red = “Stop” – This is an area where the Air Force has indicated that there is a high potential for conflicts with the mission depending on the specifics of the proposed development. The developer will need to visit with Malmstrom to ascertain the nature of the conflicts and what mitigation measures may be necessary. Red areas do not necessarily mean that a development cannot occur, but the developers need to recognize that development in Red areas is likely to require more extensive mitigation.

The Red/Yellow/Green Map will be produced using recommendations and guidelines from the Malmstrom JLUS which are included in Chapter 4 of the JLUS Report. The map will also include direct input from the Air Force to include but not limited to the following technical documents:
• Malmstrom General Plan (most recently completed)
• AICUZ Study (Completed in 1993 and referenced in the JLUS Study Report)
• Federal Aviation Regulations Title 14, Part 77
• 40th Helicopter Squadron Mid-Air Aviation Program
• US Air Force Restrictive Easement Requirements

The consultant will incorporate the following items into producing a Red/Yellow/Green map to address the listed JLUS recommendation/strategies:
• Frequency Interference – Strategy identified as FI-A1 on Page 4-16 of JLUS
• Vertical Obstruction – Strategies identified as VO-A1 on Page 4-25, page 4-47 and VO-C on page 4-50 of JLUS
• Alternative Energy Expansion – Strategy identified as AE-A1 on Page 4-35 of JLUS
• Electrical Transmission (Overhead) – Strategy identified as IE-B3 on page 4-37 of JLUS
• Frequency Spectrum Capacity – Strategy identified as FS-A1 on page 4-51 of JLUS

This portion of the task will require assistance from a consultant to create the map working with the Coordinating Committee, Malmstrom , Counties, City of Great Falls, and others as well as extensive public participation. The consultant will need to do a thorough analysis of all the identified potential issues and ensure that the mapping is comprehensive and provides useful information for proactive planning and discussion going forward. It is anticipated that this map will be utilized to guide discussions and decisions related to development throughout the Missile field. Additionally, for those counties choosing to do so, it could be incorporated into Growth Policy updates. It will also prove valuable when discussing potential projects with developers to provide information and allow for early and frequent coordination with the Air Force on areas of potential concern at the time of initial application.

Among the numerous land use strategies recommended in the JLUS was consideration for creating a Military Overlay District that would include the incorporation of the Military Affected Area Statute (MCA Title 10 Chapter 1 Section 15) into the county’s planning strategies. As part of the ongoing implementation, the JLUS Coordinating Committee will direct the consultant to ensure that the incorporation of the Red/Yellow/Green Map into Cascade County’s Growth Policy meets state and local regulations. This will include preparing any technical language and/or exhibits required for updating the sections of the Growth Policy pertaining to Economic Development, Land Use, and Transportation, Public Facility and Prohibitive Development and ensuring the information is accurate and meets Montana Statutes as stated in JLUS strategy LU-A2.

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