Request for Proposals

Market & Branding Study

Town of Arundel

Arundel, ME

Posted: 10/22/2012
Submittal Deadline: 12/03/2012


The Town of Arundel, Maine is seeking to contract market study and branding strategy design services from a qualified consulting team to support the community’s current effort to formulate a Comprehensive Economic Development Plan that will direct future land use policy and municipal investment decisions for the next ten years. Although the bulk of the plan will be produced in-house the consulting team will provide vital information and strategies essential to formulating Arundel’s economic development investment and land use policies over the next 10-15 years.

II. Location:
Arundel Maine is a rural community of 23 square miles with a year-round 2010 population of approximately 4,000 persons located in York County southwestern Maine 18 miles south of Portland and the Portland Jetport, 30 miles north of Portsmouth NH, and 83 miles north of Boston. Nestled between the nationally-prominent seaside communities of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Arundel is an agricultural community that has experienced rapid transformation into a bedroom community over the past ten years and is poised to absorb significant commercial expansion as the Kennebunks and Saco-Bidefiord reach capacity.

III. Scope of Services:
Minimum services required of the successful consultant shall include the following two distinct work products:
1. Marketing Analysis: The consultant will be required to prepare a marketing analysis of the Town of Arundel that will answer the following questions:
a) What are the current or emerging growth industries and niche commercial enterprises that the Town of Arundel can be positioned to capture in the next 5, 10 and 20 years?
b) How can Arundel’s current assets be maximized to keep pace with and /or outperform our competing sister communities?
c) What level of infrastructure investments will be necessary for the Town to make in order to capture the identified commercial and industrial markets identified above?
d) What are the cost benefit ratios that the Town will realize if it were to make the infrastructure investments proposed by the market study?
e) What market penetrations can Arundel reasonably expect to capture over a 10-15 year timeline?
f) What amenities and other non-traditional infrastructure improvements should Arundel pursue to capture the target markets identified in the study and outperform our competitors?

2. Branding Strategy: The consultant will be required to produce a branding strategy that will create a new unique identity for the Town of Arundel that is attractive to identified commercial industries, capitalizes on the culture and unique history of the community, and instills a sense of pride in Arundel’s citizens.

Deliverables from this phase shall include:
a. Branding narrative describing the image that the Town should project to not only attract the target compliment of commercial, recreational, or institutional enterprises identified in the marketing study, but also to strengthen Arundel as a desirable destination to live, work, and play.
b. A branding slogan that encapsulates the proposed new image of Arundel.
c. Graphic logo of the proposed slogan or brand.

VI. Available Budget: The Town of Arundel has appropriated $25,000 for both the marketing study and branding strategy. The Town of Arundel reserves the right to modify the scope of services specified herein based on the proposals submitted and the Town’s financial capacity.

V. Submission Deadline
Eight (8) copies of the RFP proposal must be delivered in a sealed package to the Town Clerk’s Office at the Arundel Town Hall, 468 Limerick Road, Arundel, Maine 04046 no later than 4:00 EST December 3, 2012. Prime Contact person: Tad Redway, Town Planner

The complete RFP is downloadable at