Request for Proposals

State Street Corridor Plan

City of Columbus - Bartholomew County, Indiana Planning Department

Columbus, IN

Posted: 11/02/2012
Submittal Deadline: 11/20/2012


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The City of Columbus, Indiana, through the City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department, is seeking a well-qualified consultant to complete a land use and transportation plan for Columbus’ State Street Corridor. The State Street corridor extends approximately 2 miles through the City of Columbus. State Street itself is also State Road 46, is under the jurisdiction of the Indiana Department of Transportation, and features a total of 5 lanes of traffic (2 through lanes in each direction and a center turn lane). The properties adjacent to State Street feature a mixture of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses. In many instances the usability and redevelopment potential of the adjacent properties is limited by their small size and the expansion of State Street over time, which has resulted in some atypical building setbacks and parking arrangements. The surrounding neighborhoods are characterized by an aging housing stock and primarily low to moderate income households. The City of Columbus seeks a land use and transportation plan for the corridor that contains both a long-term land use planning component and a short-term, readily implementable strategic plan for redevelopment.

The City of Columbus, population 45,000, is a regional center for employment, health care, finances, shopping, and entertainment in south-eastern Indiana. Columbus is known for its strong local economy, vibrant downtown, high quality of life, and overall commitment to community excellence. Our community’s recognitions include a ranking by the American Institute of Architects as the 6th most significant city in the United States for architectural design. For more information about our community please visit the City of Columbus website at or the Columbus Area Visitor Center website at

Project Description:

The City of Columbus anticipates a project that will include the following components:

• Review of Property Features: A review of the existing land uses and land use patterns along and in the vicinity of the corridor; general parcel sizes, shapes and arrangements; ownership patterns; and general site configurations (including parking). The review should document current conditions and identify resulting issues and opportunities.
• Review of Transportation Features: A review of the current street design and condition, general vehicle access patterns, pedestrian and bicycle circulation (both along and crossing State Street), and bus routes, stops, rider destinations, and sources of ridership. The review should document current conditions and identify resulting issues and opportunities.
• Market Analysis: An analysis of the current and long-term market demand for commercial development along the corridor. The market analysis will identify the amount and type of commercial development that can be supported along the corridor (both under current conditions and if any identified barriers to development can be resolved). The market analysis will identify barriers to demand and any options for local government in addressing those barriers. The market analysis will be used as a basis for establishing future land use recommendations and realistic re-development goals.
• Review of Local Policies and Planning Documents: A review of the Columbus Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, subdivision regulations, housing study, and other regulations, policies, procedures and documents applicable to State Street. The review should both establish a context for the State Street Corridor Plan and identify any barriers and opportunities for redevelopment.
• Review of Streetscape Features & Aesthetics: A review of the functionality and appeal of the current State Street streetscape. The review shall consider the corridor’s role as a gateway to Columbus, as a neighborhood and community shopping area, and as an employment district.
• Public Input: Collection of public input that includes both (1) initial public preferences and issue identification and (2) follow-up public responses to draft findings and recommendations.
• Steering Committee Facilitation: Facilitation of periodic input from a steering committee of local residents, business owners, and City officials.
• Creation of Redevelopment Plan Content: Development of a strategic, implementable redevelopment plan component for the corridor that includes (1) identification and recommendations for critical properties; (2) identification of redevelopment opportunities; (3) recommendations for streetscape and aesthetic improvements; (4) recommendations for transportation improvements necessary to provide a complete, pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, transit-supporting street system; (5) recommendations for the elimination of any barriers to redevelopment; (6) recommendations for zoning or other regulatory or policy changes in support of redevelopment; and (7) recommendations for financing and implementing redevelopment projects.
• Creation of Long-term Land Use Plan Content: Development of a land use plan component for the corridor that would be a suitable addition to the City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan. This content should function in support of and coordination with the redevelopment plan content and should include long-term land-use recommendations, access management recommendations, general site design recommendations (including parking), and other recommended policies and procedures for the long-term governance of the area by local government.
• INDOT Coordination: Facilitation of communication, engagement, and solicitation of buy-in with the Indiana Department of Transportation with regard to the planning and design of future State Street improvements.
• Creation of a Plan Document and Support Materials: Creation of draft and final State Street Corridor Plan documents as well as any displays, presentations, or other materials necessary to convey the contents of the Plan. The documents and support materials shall be suitable for both communicating the plan to the general public and the long-term use of the City’s professional staff.

The City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department can dedicate staff to provide assistance in collecting background documents and other information, facilitating steering committee meetings, facilitating public input events, and otherwise supporting the project. The Planning Department will generate all documentation necessary for the adoption of the State Street Corridor Plan as an element of the City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan. However, the consultant will be responsible for making any edits to the Plan document itself identified through the Comprehensive Plan adoption process.

Proposal Submittal Requirements:

Interested consultants shall submit seven (7) identical copies of their proposal and include the items listed below. Proposals shall be limited to maximum of 20 pages - single sided, 8½ by 11 inches (or 10 such pages doubled sided). Interested consultants are welcome to team with other firms or add sub-consultants necessary to complete the project. All proposals must address all aspects of the project.

• Firm Information: The name of the firm, its website address, and the location of the office from which the work will be completed. If a team of firms or sub-consultants will be used, identify all included firms, the lead firm, and the general percentage of work to be completed by each firm.
• Qualifications: The qualifications of the consultant’s staff members who are proposed to complete the project. Include only those staff members who will be active members of the project team. Do not include any firm leadership members who will not actively participate in the project.
• Experience: Related and similar projects previously completed by those consultant staff members proposed to complete the project. Do not include similar projects completed by the consultant, but by different staff members.
• Scope of Services Outline: A general outline of the consultant’s proposed scope of services that demonstrates the consultant’s understanding of the project, intended overall approach, and any unique resources or practices to be applied to the project.
• Fee Proposal: A proposed lump sum fee to complete the project.
• Timeline: A general timeline for completing the project.
• References: Two references for which the consultant has completed similar projects, including the title of that project and the reference’s name, address, and phone number.
• Contact Information: Contact information for the individual to whom questions about the proposal should be directed (including a mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address).

Submit To:
State Street Proposal Review Committee
c/o Jeff Bergman
City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department
123 Washington Street
Columbus, IN 47201

Submit By:
4:00 p.m. EST on November 20, 2012

Contact for Questions:
Jeff Bergman
City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department
Phone: 812.376.2550

Selection Procedures:

The consultant shall be selected based on the following factors, in order of importance, (1) qualifications, (2) project approach, (3) related experience, (4) timeline, and (5) fee. The proposals will be reviewed by a committee of local officials and stakeholders. Interviews with a shortlist of consultants are likely prior to a final selection being made.