Request for Proposals

Sustainable Redevelopment Corridor Plan

City of Grandview

Grandview, MO

Posted: 11/05/2012
Submittal Deadline: 12/04/2012


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The I-49/US-71 corridor tells the story of the Kansas City metro area’s post World War II development. The corridor is anchored on the north by the Truman Corners Shopping Center, opened in the 1950s to great fanfare as one of Kansas City’s original suburban shopping centers, and to the south includes the strip centers, power centers, and pad sites of development in the last half of the twentieth century.

Many of these strip centers and commercial buildings are now declining, experiencing escalating vacancies, and in need of reinvestment. In addition, the central and southern portions of the corridor have been fragmented into small lots with diverse ownership, which presents challenges for large-scale redevelopment. Combined with the strip development pattern, the corridor lacks connections between individual commercial centers and with adjacent neighborhoods.

On December 12, 2012, the federal government will officially designate the highway as Interstate 49. The corridor contains several key destinations – Truman Corners shopping center, which is undergoing redevelopment; the future International House of Prayer (IHOP) world headquarters campus and the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU); Grandview City Hall and the Grandview C-4 School District central offices; the Truman Farm Home historic site; commercial development at the I-49/US-71 and M-150 highway interchange; six City parks; and several apartment complexes.

This project follows the successful development and adoption of the M-150 Sustainable Development Corridor Plan, adopted on October 23, 2012. That plan establishes a vision for the development of the M-150 corridor through Grandview, from the I-49/US-71 interchange on the west to Kelley Road on the east. The plan is available for review at and the City considers it an example of the kind and quality of work it wants for the I-49/US-71 planning effort.

The City’s Planning Sustainable Places grant application is available at and city staff encourages interested firms to review it for additional background information as well as insight regarding the City’s intent for this corridor plan.

The Sustainable Redevelopment Corridor Plan should address the following tasks:
• Create a plan and related strategies and tools to guide the sustainable redevelopment of the corridor, including:
o A vision for the future of the I-49/US-71 corridor through Grandview;
o A land use plan based on the established vision and long-term community needs;
o A multi-modal transportation network that allows for pedestrian and bicycling connections, transit-readiness and improved vehicular traffic circulation;
o Strategies for improved stormwater management along the corridor; and
o A parks, trails, and open space framework that connects assets and destinations on each side of the highway corridor.
• Develop design standards for non-residential development based on the established vision.
• Build consensus around the corridor vision with key stakeholders, including businesses and property owners.
• Audit the City’s organizational capacity to encourage and manage redevelopment.

To be eligible for consideration, one electronic and three hard copies (maximum of 20 pages) of the response to the RFP must be received in the office of the City Clerk no later than 10:00 AM CST, on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Late submittals will not be considered and will be returned to submitter unopened. The envelope package should be marked “I-49/US-71 Sustainable Redevelopment Corridor Plan.”

Proposals should be directed to:
City of Grandview
Attn: Becky Schimmel, City Clerk
1200 Main Street
Grandview, MO 64030

The following items must be addressed in all proposals:

1. PROPOSED PROJECT APPROACH: Proposals should include a proposed approach to the project that includes the proposer’s understanding of the project objectives, local context, tentative schedule for project completion, and critical issues and approaches to solutions.

2. PROPOSED PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES: Proposals should describe recommendations for engaging the Grandview community and key stakeholders.

3. QUALIFICATIONS: Proposals should clearly state the general and specific qualifications of the proposer in disciplines appropriate to this project and specifically describe the role of the proposer in each case cited. An emphasis and priority in evaluation will be placed on firms with qualifications and experience that have resulted in successful implementation of comparable projects. Responders may include a brief narrative (three pages maximum) on the firm’s capabilities to carry out this project, including special assets, areas of expertise, analytical tools, data sources, or other resources to which the firm may have access.

Proposals shall also include:
a. A listing and summary of similar projects undertaken within the last five (5) years, by proposing firm and/or its subcontractors, showing contract amounts, description of work performed, client contact persons, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses;
b. Resumes of key professional staff who will be assigned to this project;
c. Description of the existing and anticipated workload of individuals assigned to this project during the period of this study. Note that any reassignment of designated key staff shall not occur without mutual consultation and the consent of the City of Grandview;
d. References.

4. DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (DBE) REQUIREMENTS AND PARTICIPATION: The City of Grandview encourages all qualified businesses to submit letters of interest as prime contractors, subcontractors or joint ventures. Women and/or minority owned business are encouraged to submit proposals. DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise) firms must be certified by the Missouri Department of Transportation in order to be counted as participation toward any established DBE Goal. Certification of DBEs will be made in accordance with MARC’s Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program. The project’s DBE goal is 16%.

In addition, a one-page cover letter should be submitted, specifying a point of contact for the consultant team.

Additional information about the selection procedure and other project requirements is available in the full Request for Proposals.