Request for Proposals

Pedestrian Sidepath Feasibility Study

Casper Area MPO

Casper, WY

Posted: 11/06/2012
Submittal Deadline: 01/10/2013


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The Consultant shall address the feasibility of constructing a pedestrian sidepath from East Yellowstone Highway to CY Avenue along Wyoming Boulevard, also known as Outer Drive, and develop cost estimates for improvements pursuant to three conceptual designs that include: 1) a 10-foot, hard surfaced, detached, two-way sidepath on one side of Wyoming Boulevard (if possible, the north side to account for prevailing winds); 2) an 8- to 10-foot, hard surfaced, detached, one-way sidepath on each side of Wyoming Boulevard; and 3) a combination of detached sidepaths, attached sidewalks, and roadway shoulders.

Please see attachment for complete details.