Request for Proposals

Border Economic Development Plan

Dona Ana County

Las Cruces, NM

Posted: 11/08/2012
Submittal Deadline: 12/12/2012


Doña Ana County, on behalf of the Regional Leadership Committee, is soliciting proposals from economic development specialists, sustainability experts, and think tanks that can contextualize the economic development situation along the US-Mexican border and paint a clear, unified vision for moving forward. Proposers must demonstrate that they have professional knowledge and experience in the preparation of Border Economic Development Plans. The County intends to enter into a contract with one firm to provide the above mentioned services.

As part of the HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant (SCRPG), the Regional Leadership Consortium wishes to take a close look at economic activities at the Santa Teresa Port of Entry and surrounding areas in order to assess the impact of those activities on Doña Ana County. In terms of the Livability Principles, this project puts a special emphasis on the “Enhance economic competitiveness” principle. This county is experiencing increased economic activity on our southern border. For example, the 1,200 acre Foxconn plant, located on the Mexican side of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry, churns out as many as 55,000 laptop and desktop computers a day. Recently, three new plants moved into the Santa Teresa Industrial Park and one plant already located there announced plans to expand. In addition, a $400 million Union Pacific facility in Santa Teresa is projected to bring 3,000 jobs to the area during construction from 2011-2015 and to need 600 permanent jobs in the Santa Teresa area upon completion. Because the project will give southern New Mexico an inland port that will serve as a strategic focal point for the movement of goods from Mexico and beyond, other projects are expected to be drawn to this location.

Doña Ana County is in a very unique position. Economic development is growing rapidly in this region, but we do not have a coordinated, orchestrated approach to handling that economic growth. The southern part of Doña Ana County is largely undeveloped. Nevertheless, economic development plans from a wide range of agencies, municipalities, not-for-profits, private stakeholders, and grass roots organizations abound. Few of these agencies work with one another. They often do not even know of each others existence.